Track IP address in termux with the best tool

Do you need to track IP addresses for your friends or for business purposes? here we are going to see how we can use a Termux tool name “IP Tracer”. This tool makes it simple and easy even a beginner can use it.

Also, we discussed how to install IP-Info on termux in our previous post. Then, if you are a beginner or an advanced termux user we have prepared some interesting articles for you which will help you.

Then, before we continue let us first see what an IP address is because some might know the name IP but don’t know what it is.


What is an IP Address?

An IP address (Internet Protocol ) is a unique numerical label assigned to a device. It provides the location of the device in a network and a route on how to get there. The internet uses an IP address to send IP packets from a source to a destination. It is a building block that lets the internet function.

Also, you have to know that an IP address does not reveal personal information like a name, physical address. Then, as now we know what an IP address s we can now see what the IP Tracker tool is.

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What is IP Tracer? – Track IP location

track ip address with termux tool

IP-Tracer is a Linux tool that is used to track an IP address and identify users, collect online details.


  • Track IP address
  • Track your IP address
  • Update IP-Tracer

Who can install IP Tracker to Track IP address?

IP Tracker was designed and developed for Termux and Linux-based systems. Then, if you are using Termux or one Linux distribution you can use IP Tracker.

Then, before we continue and see how we can get and install IP Tracker make sure you have Termux on your device. And if you have not yet installed termux don’t worry you can read our post about How to hack with your smartphone using termux. And for Linux users, you can read how to start with Kali Linux. best way to follow.


Then, after we have installed what is required, make sure you know some Linux commands. But if you don’t know you can read Basic Linux commands for beginners to advance.

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How to install IP Tracer?

Now, this is a great time to get and install IP Tracer, as we said we have to install termux. Now we are going to update and upgrade Termux packages. Then, open your terminal and type the command:

apt update && upgrade

After we have updated and upgraded Termux packages we are now going to install git to get IP Tracer from Github. And to install git we use the command:

apt install git -y

Then, we are ready to get IP Tracer from Github if the git was been well installed. Now let us get IP Tracer from Github using the command:

git clone

Well done! we can now navigate into the IP Tracer folder to install the tool cloned from Github. We are going to use the Basic Linux commands for beginners.

cd IP-Tracer

Then, we are going to change the permission so that we install properly IP Tracer by using the command:

chmod +x install

Now, after we have done changing the permission of the installation. we are going to install IP Tracer with the command:

sh install or ./install

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Well done! if we have followed all processes we are now ready to use IP trace. Then, let us see how we can use IP tracer.

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How to use IP Tracer to track IP addresses?

Then, as we have IP Tracer installed, we can see that IP Tracer has some features as we have discussed before in this article.


Now, if we want to track our own IP address we use the command:

trace -m

This command will help us to track our own IP addresses. We don’t need to type our own IP address because the tool will do all for us. Then, if we want to track someone IP address we have to use the command:

trace -t target-p

Also, by using this command you have to mention the target IP address. for example tracer -t Then, the tool will provide all information which it will get. Also, if we want to get more information about IP Tracer we can use the command trace.

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