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How To Hack With Your Smartphone Using Termux App.

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hack with your phone using termux

Ethical hacking with Termux

Do you know termux? Let’s discuss this sweet app.

When People hear the Word Hacking, They imagine a Lot and think that Hacking is doing Magic with Computers…

<<Hacking Is Not At All Crime, It’s An Art…>>

Also, people have the image of hackers seen on film, but in real life, hacking is totally different from what they see in movies.

Termux for hacking
Hack with termux for android

Also, most people make mistakes when it comes to the name “hackers.” In the same way, in real life, people divide hackers into two types.

1. Real Hackers

2. Fake Hackers

Then people think that real hackers are those who hack bank accounts and websites, shut down computer services, and do some amazing things with computers.

All Those Real Hackers are Ethical Hackers, and they are Anonymous and are bad people also they think Fake Hackers are Noobs, and they know nothing about hacking, and they can’t even hack but claim they are Hackers…

I recommend you to see also Best professional Hacking tools on termux for ethical hackers

Moreover, if you are part of the people who are having this kind of thought, then I suggest you read what is hacking before continuing. Otherwise, you are allowed to continue this amazing journey.

As well, you know what is hacking now. You are about to discover a powerful Linux environment inside the Android smartphone and start hacking at your fingertips.

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What is termux

starting with termux

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment application that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically, additional packages are available using the package manager.

Also, if you’re a Linux user, then you can use Termux in an ultimate way, but if you aren’t, no problem; you can learn the Basic Termux Commands and move on.

Moreover, if you have more questions about what Termux can do and why you should learn it, consider following or bookmarking this blog to get new articles about it every day.

How to get and install termux

To get and install Termux is simple, but what you have to know is that the Termux community doesn’t recommend that you download and install Termux from the playstore.

Because when you install termux from playstore you won’t be able to update and upgrade termux when you will need to do it. Reason why, we are going to discuss how to get and install good termux ready for use.

As we can’t use termux from playstore termux community recommend us to get termux from F-Droid or from uptodown.

Termux basics commands

Pkg install cmatrix 

This command is only for fun, but it helps to install cmatrix. Cmatrix is only a tool that helps display some animated 0s and 1s on your screen. To run it, you have just to type cmatrix

pkg install sl 

Like the first command, it helps to install sl on termux, this tool is also for fun helps to display a train on your screen. To execute the sl command, you just type sl on your termux terminal

sl on termux

Sometimes we need to know which tasks are running in the background, to know it there is a command for that task. Open the terminal and type “top.

It helps to know tasks that are running in background.

⚡ Hen you want to install any tool on your termux you must first update and upgrade termux repositories. For that, you are not going to download a new termux, but you are going to use the command.

pkg update && upgrade

The first command which is pkg update will update the termux built-in busy box and other. And the second which is pkg upgrade will upgrade the packages to latest.

pkg install coreutils

This command also help to install coreutils on termux

Closing word

Congratulation! You made it! I hope now you have Termux installed on your smartphone and are able to use some basics commands.

If you want to know more about termux and learn about termux tools for hacking, consider to follow this blog. Also, if you got a question, or you are having a suggestion, don’t hesitate to share with us on the comment section.

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