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AnonPhisher Termux Social Media Hacking Tool

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Welcome readers to this post in that we are going to discuss Anonphisher automated phishing tool. You may be in need of creating some fake websites and get sensitive information from your victim. The good news is that with Anonphisher it’s possible to do that using Termux.

Then, let me invite you to help me to thanks Mr AnonyminHack5 who took the time to think about this problem and brought a solution for that. This developer passionate about hacking and security has many projects that require support. We can change the world together by supporting him. Here is his Telegram bot where you can encourage him.

Now, let us see what this tool can do, and how we can get it. I’m sure you are familiar with Termux, or if not don’t worry you can start with our guides which will help you to understand what Termux is and why you should use it.

With, these articles I’m sure you can start your Termux journey from beginner to advanced. Also, you can find more article about termux on the Termux menu because I didn’t list all here. Then, let us discuss our AnonPhisher Tool.

What is AnonPhisher tool?

AnonPhisher is an automated phishing tool made by AnonyminHack5 to phish various sites with 40+ templates. Also, has an inbuilt ngrok already to easily help you generate your link and send it to your victim. Anonphisher tool is made with pure bash script and needs required packages for it to work.

AnonPhisher was tested on various platforms that means you can use it not only on Termux but also in Linux distribution

  • Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Slax Linux
  • Lubuntu
  • Also, on windows

AnonPhisher features

AnonPhisher is having many features which anyone can use depend on your need, both beginner and advanced can make his choice. Then, as you have seen in the definition AnonPhisher is having 40+ templates those are AnonPhisher features here we are going to discuss some.

When you want to use AnonPhisher feature you are the one to choose one depending on the template you want.

Also, know that this project is under development the author adds new features on updates you may find other new features and changes when you update AnonPhisher.

What is new?

[+] Custom !

[+] Pugb free uc phishing page 2021 !

[+] Free fire phishing page !

[+] Latest Login Pages !

[+] 5 Port Forwarding Options !

[+] Easy for Beginners !

[+] Wi-fi phishing added!

[+] Facebook free likes phishing page !

[+] Fortnite phishing page !

[+] Credit card and call of duty phishing pages !

Installation requirements

Well, we can’t continue without discussing the requirements because we will need them before installing AnonPhisher otherwise we will get errors. Like other Termux tools, AnonPhisher has also some requirements for the best result.

AnonPhisher requirements are not new for you because most of the termux tools have the same requirements. Also, you may find that you have even them installed already.

  • PHP
  • Wget
  • Unzip
  • Curl
  • Also, you need to have internet

How to install AnonPhisher in Termux?

Then, let us discuss how you can install this tool in Termux. But before we start the installation let us first discuss how we can get AnonRequirements for those who don’t have them.

To install requirements we are going to use a command that will help us. Then, open the terminal and by using the command.

apt install git php curl wget -y 

Then, now we can proceed with the installation, we are going to use simple Linux commands for the installation. For beginners, we have prepared an article that can help you to start with Linux. Linux tutorial for beginners complete guide. Also, Basic commands Linux for beginners to advanced.

Before we install we are going to update and upgrade Termux repositories by using the command, apt upgrade & update. Then, when the upgrading and updating will be done we will be ready to install AnonPhisher. Now, let us get the tool from Github by using the command.

git clone

Then, once termux will finish cloning AnonPhisher into our termux, we will navigate into Anonphisher folder by using the command, cd anonphisher.

Notice: just type the command as it is written here or you can copy and paste to avoid errors. Then, we are going to install Anonphisher by using these commands.

bash setup &


Then, the first screen of anonphisher will appear and we are ready to use the tool and do what we need. This tool is easy to use for both beginners and professionals. And also if you face any errors during installation make sure you entered correctly all commands as written in this article.


Asking for support

For the development of this tool, if you find any issue feel free to submit it to the Anonphisher developer to review it. You can use and rate him on the Telegram bot.

Also, you can support this project as you can, just feel free to contribute to the development of this project or other projects under development. There are many projects that need your contribution

Notice: After you have run the bash don’t run it next time you’re using it, it will be deleted only run the bash

Additional information

> Localhost (





Then, when using Anonphiser if the link is not generated you must run the bash setup turn on your device hotspot then select ngrok.

Also, if the issue persists, go to, then download ngrok, set it up in termux. Then, copy your authtoken and paste it into your termux home then turn on your device hotspot and run ./ngrok http 3333. Then, go back to the Anonphisher session and select ngrok.

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