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How to install kali Linux on termux

Kali Linux is an open-source, Debian-based Linux distribution geared towards various information security tasks, such as penetration testing. also in security research, computer forensics, and reverse engineering.

kali linux  on termux

With the definition of Kali Linux, you should be able to understand what it is; if not, don’t worry; we have a comprehensive guide on it. How to start with Kali Linux, in this article, we are going to discuss Kalimux on termux.

Requirements to install Kali Linux on termux

On termux, it’s possible to run Kali Linux; the spelling on termux is KALIMUX. Now, before we continue, let’s discuss what the requirements are in order to run KALIMUX.

Kali Linux or Kalimux features

Before we dig into this guide, let’s discuss Kalimux features. kalimux has some good features that will impress you.

  • [+] Stable and latest!
  • [+] Gui in android!
  • [+] Real-time Kali Linux!
  • [+] Easy for Beginners!

KALIMUX installation

Let’s start the installation of Kalimux on Termux. First, we are going to update and upgrade Terminux.

If you don’t know why you should update and upgrade the termux repository before installing any tool I recomend you to read my previous article “how to start with termux

Then, open your termux terminal and type this command:

pkg update -y 
pkg upgrade -y

The next step is to install python if not yet installed otherwise it will not install kalimux.

pkg install python -y
pkg install python2 -y

Then, having git installed is required or you can install it with the command: pkg install git -y

Now it’s time to clone kalimux from GitHub by using this command:

git clone https://github.com/noob-hackers/kalimux

After you have got kalimux folder , you then navigate to it in order to install it.

cd kalimux
sh kalimux.sh

The last process is to run the tool after installation by using thecommand:


Using kali Linux as GUI using VNC viewer

Then, after we have done to install Kali Linux or KALIMUX in termux. Also, we need to download the VNC viewer from the play store. and for more details read Graphical Environment on Termux

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