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How to install Tool-X on termux for hacking

Hello everyone, welcome to this article that is about how to install tool-x on termux. Most termux users may have tool-x installed in their termux, but that doesn’t exclude us to teach beginners how to install tool-x.

Termux has plenty of hacking tools that both beginners and expert users can use. Let us enumerate some of them here before continuing this post.

In this article, we are going to answer 4 questions:

  1. What is tool-x?
  2. Who can install it?
  3. How to install tool-x
  4. And How to use it?
  5. Bonus

What is Tool-X?

how to install Tool-X on termux for hacking

Tool-X is a hacking tool that can be installed on Termux, Kali Linux, and other Linux distributions. Tool-X was developed for Termux and Linux-based systems. This tool was developed by Rajkumar Dusad.

This is not only a tool, but it is a set of hacking tools, when you install it you can install almost 73+ hacking tools easily on termux. Now, tool-x is available for Ubuntu and Debian.

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Who can install Tool-X?

Now that you know what Tool-X is, we can discuss who can install Tool-X and start using it. As we have said, tool-x is available for Termux and Linux users.

This means anyone who has termux installed on his android device and anyone who runs any Linux distribution on his computer can install tool-x without any problem.

Then, if you are among those who want to install Tool-X, make sure you have an Android device or a PC with any Linux distribution.

For termux users, they must have termux installed on their devices otherwise they can read this article How To Hack With Your Smartphone Using Termux App.

How to install Tool-X?

Besides, as now the question of who can install Tool-X is answered, let us see how we can now install Tool-X on Termux.

⚡ Before we start the installation, remember to update and upgrade the termux repository using the command:

pkg update && upgrade

First, open your termux terminal and type the following commands.

pkg install git

We installed git because we couldn’t be able to get tool-x if we couldn’t install git on our termux. The next step is to get the tool-x folder from GitHub by using the command:

git clone https://github.com/rajkumardusad/Tool-X.git

Then, from here, we can now navigate to the folder we got from GitHub in order to install tool-x by using the command:

cd Tool-X

From here, we can change the permission of the tool-x file by using the command:

chmod +x install

⚡ If you don’t understand why we are using these Linux commands, you can read this article Basic Linux commands for beginners to advanced

Then, the last step is to install tool-x by running the installer script using the command:

sh intall or ./install

How to use Tool-X?

Finally, we have answered the question, Who can install and how to install Tool-X. Let us then see how to use it.

In addition, to use Tool-X we have to navigate through the app by using numbers.

Also, Tool-X gives us 5 options that we can choose from.

To open Tool-X type Tool-x OR Toolx on the termux terminal.

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The first option is to type 1 and then enter to show all Tool-X tools. It’s almost 370

Tool-X tools

If you want to show the tool’s category, type 2.


To update Tool-X we select 3.

For about Tool-X, we select 4

Lastly, type x if you want to close Tool-X

List of all tools that you can find in Tool-X



























closing words

Hope you have enjoyed the content of this article, and I know that you have installed Tool-x. We are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this tool. Use this tool at your own risk!

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  1. Edeh Daniel says:

    Thanks genius club

  2. Per says:

    I’ve tried this today on my oneplus – and gets error when trying to install any tools ? Error is:
    [+] Sorry ??
    [+] ‘IP-Locater’ is not installed.
    And get that no matter what kind of tools I’m choosing. Oneplus7 Pro

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