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How to get and install Zphisher hacking tool on termux

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Zphisher is a powerful hacking tool that enables users to conduct phishing attacks with ease. Designed to be used on the popular hacking platform Termux.

Zphisher provides a range of features and functionalities to assist in the creation and execution of phishing campaigns. By impersonating legitimate websites and capturing sensitive information, empowers individuals to understand the techniques employed by malicious actors and take necessary measures to protect themselves.

This article aims to guide users through the process of getting and installing Zphisher on Termux, as well as exploring its various features and discussing important security and ethical considerations.

Whether you are a security professional or an ethical hacker, understanding how to use Zphisher responsibly is crucial for enhancing your knowledge and ensuring digital safety.


What is Zphisher?

Zphisher is a powerful hacking tool that allows you to create phishing pages for various online platforms. It provides an easy and effective way to launch phishing attacks, aiding in the identification of vulnerabilities and strengthening cybersecurity.

What are the features of Zphisher?

Zphisher offers a range of features that make it a powerful hacking tool. From creating phishing pages to collecting data from unsuspecting victims, this tool has it all.

Some notable features include a variety of phishing templates, powerful data analysis tools, and the ability to integrate with other tools for enhanced functionality.

This tool provides a collection of phishing templates that mimic popular websites, making it easier to trick unsuspecting individuals into revealing their sensitive information.

These templates are designed to be convincing and realistic, increasing the chances of a successful phishing attack.

What are Zphisher dependencies?

To install Zphisher successfully, you’ll need to ensure that certain dependencies and packages are present in Termux.

These may include PHP, Git, Wget and Curl. We’ll guide you through the installation of these dependencies, providing the necessary commands and instructions.

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Zphisher Supported Platforms

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How to get and install Zphisher on Termux?

Zphisher is an open-source project available on GitHub. It provides a comprehensive set of phishing templates and tools to aid in your hacking endeavors.

Understanding the source of Zphisher allows you to contribute to the project and stay updated with the latest developments.

Before installing Zphisher, some configuration steps are necessary to adapt Termux to run the tool smoothly. We’ll guide you through these steps, ensuring your Termux environment is ready for the installation process.

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Now that you have a solid overview of what’s to come, let’s dive into the exciting journey of getting and installing the Zphisher hacking tool on Termux.

It’s time to unleash your hacking skills with this powerful tool! The first thing to do is to update and upgrade the termux repositories using the command:

pkg update && upgrade 

Now, after the updating and upgrading process ends, we continue by installing some dependencies.

pkg install git php curl openssh -y

After finishing installing all required dependencies, it’s time to clone Zphisher from GitHub using the command:

git clone git://

Then, once the process is done, navigate into the Zphisher repository in order to install it.

cd zphisher

Then we can run Zphisher installation by using the command:

chmod +x

After the installation process, Zphisher will be available on your termux and ready to be used.

With Termux as its platform, users can easily acquire and install Zphisher to explore its features and utilize its capabilities.

However, it is essential to always prioritize ethical considerations and use this tool responsibly. By staying within legal boundaries and observing security precautions, individuals can enhance their knowledge of phishing techniques and contribute to the overall protection of digital environments.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, and using Zphisher in an ethical manner is of utmost importance. Stay informed, stay secure, and use Zphisher responsibly to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses.

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