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Mrphish best termux tool to hack social media account

Welcome reader to this article that is about Mrphish social media hacking tool for termux. I’m sure by the end of this post you are going to like this tool. If I decided to write about this tool it’s because I know how powerful it is.

Well, in our previous article we discussed how to install fluxion in Kali Linux. That post is for Linux users and also those who are curious to hack wifi. I also suggest you have a look at it if you are interested in wifi hacking otherwise continue reading.

Also, for termux users who would like to test how wifi hacking works I prepared this post for you. Exploit Wi-Fi vulnerabilities with Routersploit on termux and Linux and also we have more articles about termux that will interest you.

Then, without wasting time let us then discuss the Mrphish tool that we are going to discover today. What I recommend you is to make sure you read the entire article slowly so that you understand why you should start using Mrphish.

What is Mrphish?

Mrphish is a bash based script that is made especially for phishing social media accounts with port forwarding and OTP bypassing control. The tool itself helps the user to generate a fake link. And that link will be sent to the victim in order to get some crucial information.

What you have to know Mrphish is not the only tool for social media hacking. There are more tools online which will do the same work as this tool but each tool has its strength and weakness. You are free to use any tool you want like, zphisher, anonphisher, shellphish and so on.

Why I like this tool is because it works on both rooted Android devices and Non-rooted Android devices.


I’m sure that anyone who would like to get and install this is curious to know what can be some requirements. But don’t panic Mrphish requirements are not much and you will find some of them are already been installed in your termux. What you need is only:

  • Internet
  • php
  • git
  • python
  • lolcat
  • storage 600 MB
  • ngrok Token

What is ngrok Token?

Ngrok is a useful utility to create secure tunnels to locally hosted applications using a reverse proxy. It is a utility to expose any locally hosted application over the web.

for more information about ngrok visit ngrok documentation.

Then, before we can see how to get Mrphish and to install it make sure you have already installed termux. And also you meet the requirements for PHP and git we will discuss how to get them.

How to get and install Mrphish?

As usually we are going first to update and upgrade termux repositories using the command: pkg update & upgrade.

Now we can start by installing PHP as a Mrphish dependency otherwise we will get an error during installation. And to install PHP we open the termux terminal then we use the command

pkg install PHP

Then, after installing PHP we can then install git so that we can be able to clone Mrphish from Github.

pkg install git

Next we are going to install python3 and python inorder to be able to execute the script using the command:

pkg install python -y
pkg install python2 -y

Then, after we have done installing python we are going now to install lolcat using pip.

pip install lolcat 

Now after we have done the installation of all dependencies we are able to get the Mrphish from Github using the command:

git clone https://github.com/noob-hackers/mrphish.git

Then, as we have got mrphish we can then navigate into it folder using the command cd mrphish. And then we are going to execute and run mrphish using the command:

bash setup
bash mrphish

During installation it will be asking if you want to continue just use ‘y’ that means yes in order to continue. And if everything goes well you have mrphish installed and ready to be use.

Then after installation it will ask to enter your ngrok token like this:

After that you will now see the menu of the tool and ready for you.

mrphish social media hacking tool

Then, when you select a or 2 it will now show you the features menu.

mrphish menu

Well done we have reached the end of these article if any question don’t hesitate to ask so that we can try to help you with an answer.

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