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Easy hack termux tool to exploit android device

Hello, friend welcome to this article that is about Easy hack, a termux tool for exploiting Android devices. We are going to discuss this tool’s functionalities and installation. Termux gives us the possibility of installing both penetration testing tools and hacking on Android devices. By using termux we are going to get in touch with Easy hack.

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Now, without wasting time let me introduce termux to new users. We prepared some articles for you so that you don’t get lost at all.

Well, let us then continue and discover the Easy hack tool.

What is Easy hack?

Easyhack is a penetration testing tool for network scanning and information gathering. Also, it can be used to exploit android phones and windows pcs. This tool is a set of some famous penetration testing tools like

  1. metasploit-framework
  2. sqlmap
  3. nmap
  4. metagoofil
  6. recon-ng and much more powerful testing tools

Easyhack can be installed on termux or on Linux operating system. But before we start the installation process let us first discuss some of the requirements.


For the installation of Easy hack, the user must have termux installed on android or have a Linux distribution running on his PC. And then after that, as we are going to see how to install it on termux some of the dependencies must be also installed on termux. Also without forgetting internet and space storage.

  • git

What can we do with Easyhack?

If you are curious as me you must ask yourself this question, but the good news is that I’m here to answer this question that I asked myself before started using Easyhack. Here are some of its usage:

  • Payload Generator
  • Merasploit-Framework installation
  • Beef-Framework installation
  • Network scanning using nmap

Installation process of Easy hack

Then, as now we know what are Easyhack usage we can now discuss how to get and install it on termux. Before we start the installation we have first to update and upgrade termux repositories using the command:

pkg update & upgrade

And then the following step is to install git so that we can be able to get Easyhack from Github. We can also use the command:

pkg install git

Then, after we have done installing git we can now get Easyhack from Github by using the command:

git clone https://github.com/sabri-zaki/EasY_HaCk
get Easyhack from github

And now as we have already an Easyhack folder on our termux we can then install it without a problem. But first, we are going to navigate into that folder by using the command cd Easy_Hack.

Then, once into the Easy_hack folder, we can now start the installation using the command:

chmod +x install.sh

Now, we are going to get this screen like this:

easyhack termux tool

Then, here we are ready to start using this tool, or if you didn’t get the same output as me you can retry the process. And also if you get an error and still persist don’t hesitate to comment down that error so that we can help.

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