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igHack best termux Instagram hacking tool

Welcome everyone to this article that is about IgHack best Instagram termux hacking tool. We will discuss this tool because it’s powerful and easy to use. In our previous article, we discussed how to get Instagram user information without even having an account.

And also if you are curious to know the tool which can help you to get Instagram followers. We prepared it for you, Get Instagram followers using BadRobo termux hacking tool. I know you might be looking for a termux tool to hack an Instagram account but let me chock you this post is not for that.

This article is an introduction to igHack a termux tool to do that task. You are the one to choose how you want to use the tool.

What is igHack termux instagram hackig tool?

ighack best instagram termux hacking tool

Ighack is a bash-based script that is officially made to test the password strength of an Instagram account from termux with a brute-force attack and. It helps the user perform brute force on his own account to test his password’s strength.

ighack works on both rooted Android devices and Non-rooted Android devices. The tool was made by N17R0 using bash and was tested on termux.


Before we discover how to get and install igHack we have first to discuss its requirements so that we avoid errors when installing. What we need to install Ighack:

igHack Features

  • Instagram stable API!
  • Updated maintenance!
  • tor usage!
  • And also it is easy to use for Beginners!

Get and install igHack on termux

Now we can start the installation process if only we have all requirements. But for PHP don’t worry we are going to see how to get it, also you must have installed termux.

Then, before we continue we have first to update and upgrade our termux repository by using the command:

pkg update && upgrade

The following step is to install PHP by using the command:

pkg install php
installation of PHP

After that we are going to install python and python3 using the command:

pkg install python -y
pkg install python2 -y
installation of python

Then, we are going to install lolcat by using the pip command:

pip install lolcat

And also we are going to install git so that we can be able to get igHack from GitHub by using the command:

pkg install git
installation of git

Then, here we are going to get igHack folder from Github by using the git command:

git clone https://github.com/noob-hackers/ighack

The process of cloning ighack will start and when it will finish, we can now navigate into the folder we got from Github by using the command:

cd ighack

And the last step is to execute the script by using the command:

bash setup
bash ighack.sh

Well done, after all these steps if everything works well we are going to get this screenshot

ighack termx instagram hacking tool



  • From this option, you can start the attack on the default pass list of tools.


  • Also, from this option, you can select the manual pass list and try to attack.


  • From this option, you can know more about the developer.


  • You can also update ighack tool if updates are available for that.


  • And then from this option, you can exit the tool

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