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Get Instagram followers using BadRobo termux hacking tool

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badrobo instagram followers bot

Welcome, readers to this article that is about BadRobo a termux hacking tool to get Instagram followers. If you are reading this article because you want to know which tool you can use to get followers. Don’t worry you are in a good place to get what you need.

We are going to discuss BadRobo a tool that will help you to get Instagram followers using termux. Also, in our previous article, we discussed how to get Instagram user info even if we are not connected or using Instagram.

You might know other tools or technics to use to get Instagram followers. But I’m sure this tool is also doing a great job. Termux is powerful and is giving its users the possibility of installing different hacking tools. If you have never tried I suggest you start today.

Well, Instagram is a social networking platform which is having  1 billion monthly active users getting followers seems to be difficult because you have to get a good plan for it. Big companies use Instagram for advertising their product and get audiences. Also, for personal uses, you people like to see having 1k or 1M of followers and that makes you happy. Using the BadRobo tool will help you to get followers.

what is BadRobo for Instagram followers?

termux badrobo instagram followers bot

BadRobo is the Best Instagram Bot available now with all its features! Also, this BOT did not violate any of Instagram’s rules, so you don’t have to worry about being blocked!

BadRobo features

Then, here is the list of all features for BadRobo. Also, this tool is updated to version 2.0. The developer provides updates to maintain the project safely.

  • FollowBot
  • FollowBot 2
  • Masslooker
  • Re-Hashtag
  • C-Mention
  • Boom Group DM
  • Unfollow Non-Followers
  • Hashtag Liker
  • Hashtag Liker 2
  • Like&comment Hashtag

Who can install the BadRobo Instagram followers bot?

Well, to be able of installing BadRobo, the first thing is to install termux on your android and if you have already done it’s okay. Then, make sure you have good internet and 400 Mb of free space. Also, some Linux basics commands are required.

Having also, some termux knowledge will be also essential otherwise you can read How to hack with your android using termux.

Installation process

Now, to start the installation for the good habit let us update and upgrade termux repositories. Also, don’t forget to update and upgrade termux repositories when you want to install a new package:

dpk update && upgrade

Then, by using the command git we are going to get BadRobo from Github to our termux. Also, if you have not yet installed git on your termux you can use the command: pkg install git. Know that if you don’t have git installed you will get an error when you try to get the tool from Github.

git clone

Now, the process of getting BadRobo from Github will start, and after when it will finish we will be able to navigate inside the folder. Then, using the cd command which means change directory, this command will help us to navigate to the BadRobo folder.

cd Bad-Robo

Then, we are going to unzip BadRobo, to unzip it we are going to use the unzip command which is familiar to Linux users. But before we use the command unzip have first to install it with the command: pkg install unzip -g


After, the unzip process, we have to install some BadRobo requirements so that we don’t get errors during installation. We are going to use the pip to be able to install those requirements.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Now, we have reached the end of the installation to run the tool we have to use the command:


Now, we are ready to use the tool, if you get an error during installation you can comment so that we help you. Also, if any beg or misworking of the tool. Feel free to contact the developer of the tool.

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