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haxordBd facebook cloning command on termux

Hello everyone, welcome again to this article about installing the HaxordBd tool for termux to clone Facebook. If you are a termux user or you want to start with termux for hacking. I have to tell you that you are in a good way and you won’t be disappointed.

Termux is the best app for fun for curious android users, but you can do many things and exploits by using it. We always discuss Termux hacking tools like:

What is Facebook account cloning?

The cloning of Facebook accounts is a simple scam that is simple to be misled by. In these accounts, the scammer impersonates you, using your profile picture and other publicly available data to fool your friends into giving up their information.

It sounds like a harmless technique, but a cloned account can cause real damage. Your friends might be tricked into sending them money, collecting passwords, or tricking them into other scams.

If you want to know about what is Facebook cloning I suggest you read this article about facebook-account-cloning

What is HaxordBd?

HaxordBd is a termux tool developed by the htr-tech – Tahmid Rayat in order to help termux users to clone Facebook accounts. This is a fun tool and an amazing one hope you guys will love it.

Features :

  • [+] No Login Required!
  • [+] All Bangladeshi Operators are Available!
  • [+] 7,8,9,10,11 DIGITS are Available !
  • [+] Easy for Beginners!


We all know that before installing any tool into termux we have first to install its dependencies, but you may find that you have already installed some.

  • Git
  • Python
  • Python2

Installation of dependencies

The installation of dependencies is quick and simple on termux just by using pkg you can install any dependencies. But before we start dependencies installation we have first to update and upgrade the termux repositories by using the command.

pkg update && upgrade

After that, we can then install git, why git? because Git will help us to clone HaxordBd from Github to our termux. By using the command

pkg install git

Then, after the git installation is finished we can now install python and python because the tool itself was developed using python language.

pkg install python && python2

HaxordBd installation

The following process is to install now HaxordBd on our termux and start using it. The process is simple just by using the command git clone, we will be able to get the tool into our termux.3

git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/haxorbd.git

Then, once the cloning process will finish we will now be able to run the tool. But first, we have to navigate into the Haxord folder by using the command:

cd haxorbd

Now once into the folder, we can then run the tool by using the command:

python2 haxor.py

It will request the password and user name, you have to use

  • USERNAME : haxor
  • PASSWORD : htrtech
haxordBd termux facebook clonning tool

Tips: The Cracked ID’s are saved in ‘hacked’ directory


We and the developer of this tool are not responsible for the Misuse of This Tool !! use it at your own risk.

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