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Termux command to hide a phishing link in url

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In our previous article, we discussed Maskphish best termux tool for hiding phishing link under trusted link. But now we are going to discuss how you can hide a phishing link under a trusted link using termux command.

Also, know that in this article we are going to talk about maskphish. Then, you have not yet read the previous post about maskphish I suggest you read it because in this article I won’t discuss the installation.


Maskphish is a simple bash script that helps to hide a phishing URL under a normal URL. This amazing help you to hide phishing links under URLs like Also, to generate a phishing link you can read Zphisher best termux tool for phishing

Termux command to install Maskphish

First, before continuing with this article, let first remind ourselves about some installation commands.

git clone

Then, I consider you have already clone Maskphish, Now open your termux terminal then navigate into maskphish folder by using commands.

cd maskphish

Then, after running the command maskphish will open and be ready to go. This is the main menu of maskphish.


After executing the maskphish command the process is quite easy then copy your phishing link that you want to hide. also, know that can be whatever is generated by a tool like Zphisher.

phishing link to hide

Then, we have to put the trusted URL that you know can attract your victim to click on. You can choose any link like or

maskphish link copy

Now, this is the sweetest part where you have to use your social engineering words depending on what the victim can be. Also, if you are not good at social engineering attacks you can use this guide.

Eg: sometimes your victim might be a football player or a fun of football. Now you can use words like “hey this is new best football skills for CR7 “.

Then, as you see the tool has already generated a link . you can now copy your phishing link generated by maskphish and send it to your victim.

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Warning: this article is only for education purpose any usage of MaskPhish for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. We won’t be responsible for your damage.

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