How to install Onex best termux hacking tool

“Onex best termux hacking tool library.” Onex is a kali Linux hacking tools installer for termux and other Linux distribution. Also, it is a package manager for hackers. Onex manages more than 370+ hacking tools that can be installed with a single click. Use command to install any hacking tool. Also, it has the same parameters as Tool-X.

onex termux hacking tool

Who can install Onex best termux hacking tool?

Now, let us see who can install and use the Onex tool. you can different Operating System. we have seen that most Termux users are having confusion about the difference between Linux with Termux. Also, if you are one of them you should read what is the difference between Termux from Linux. Here is the list of the support operating system.

  • Android: (you should have to install Termux App.)
  • Linux: (Linux Based Systems)

How to install Onex hacking tool?

Then, as you already know what is Onex, and who can install it, let us see how to install it. Now, open your Termux, the first thing to do is to update packages.

  • apt update: this is the command to update Termux packages. Also, you can upgrade.
  • apt install git: This is the command to install git in order to clone Onex from Github.
  • git clone
  • cd onex: Here you move in onex directory.
  • chmod +x onex/install: change the permission of install.
  • sh onex/install if not work then use ./onex/install

How to use Onex hacking tool?

Now, you may say I already know what is onex, and also know how to install it. But the question of how can I use onex still be there. Let us answer that question. Onex is very simple and easy to use, it’s available in both CLS and manual mode.

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Command Line Mode (CLI Mode)

If you would like to have help about commands just type onex -h or onex help.

Here is some onex commands:

  • onex install [tool name]: This command helps you to install any onex tool.
  • onex search [tool name]: Also, this command help to search any onex tool.
  • use onex list: to list all onex tools available. You can use also, onex -l -a list.
  • NB: for more commands don’t hesitate to use onex -h.

Onex Menu mode

That was the first mode which you can use, also let us see the second step which is Menu mode. when you open onex you will face the first page which is the menu. Then, to navigate through that menu you will be using a number to choose your preference.

  • (1): Used to see all available tools then type the number of the tool to install it.
  • (2): Also, use 2 to show the tools category.
  • (3): Used if you want to update onex.
  • (4): If you want the page about us.
  • (5): to exit the tool.

Warning and conclusion

Now you are able to install and use onex app, with this app you can do many things. Also, you have to know that we are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program. use this tool at your own risk!

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