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How to install kali Linux on termux

Kali Linux is an open-source, Debian-based Linux distribution geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing. Also, in Security Research, Computer Forensics, and Reverse Engineering.

with the definition of Kali Linux, you can understand what it is, and if not don’t worry we have a complete guide about it. How to start with Kali Linux. Then, in this article, we are going to discuss Kalimux on termux.

Requirements to install Kali Linux on termux

On termux it’s possible to run Kali Linux , the spelling on termux is KALIMUX. Now before we continue let discuss what are requirements in order to run KALIMUX.

Kali Linux or Kalimux features

Also, before we dig into this guide let discuss Kalimux features. Then, you will see that kalimux has some good features that will impress you.

  • [+] Stable and latest!
  • [+] Gui in android!
  • [+] Real-time Kali Linux!
  • [+] Easy for Beginners!

KALIMUX installation

Let start the installation of Kali Linux on termux. First we are going to update and upgrade termux.

Then, open your termux terminal and type this command:

apt-get update -y 
apt-get upgrade -y

Next step is to install python if not yet installed otherwise it will not install kalimux.

pkg install python -y
pkg install python2 -y

Then, having git installed is required or you can install it with the command: pkg install git -y

Now it’s time to clone kalimux from GitHub by using this command:

git clone https://github.com/noob-hackers/kalimux

Then, navigate in the kalimux folder in order to install it.

cd kalimux
sh kalimux.sh

So after installation completes the text files will occur just copy it by long click on the text.


Using kali Linux as GUI using VNC viewer

Then, after we have done to install Kali Linux or KALIMUX in termux. Also, we need to download the VNC viewer from the play store. and for more details read Graphical Environment on Termux

Maskphish best termux tool to hide phishing link

Maskphish is a simple bash script that helps to hide a phishing URL under a normal URL. This amazing help you to hide phishing link under URL like Facebook.com.

Nowadays people are smart enough than in past years. It seems like phishing links became common for them and not easy to get them trapped again. Then, if you are reading this article it’s because you want to know how you can hide your phishing URL. Now you are on a good way to continue reading and hope after reading this article you will get what you need.

Then, I consider you to be familiar with termux and know how you can generate a phishing link. But if not don’t worry we thought about and prepare for you what can help you.

Now in our previous article, we discussed Zphisher best termux hacking tool for phishing. Also, don’t hesitate to check this article about onex best hacking tools on termux.

Then, why you should use Maskphish, and who can install it. we are going to discuss all these questions in this article.

Why you should use Maskphish

As I mentioned people are smart enough and it’s hard to trap them with a phishing link. Because phishing links look suspect most internet users are scared to open untrusted links. But the good news is that let us thanks to the contributor (https://github.com/jaykali) of this amazing tool who thought about that problem and resolves it.

Then, with Maskphish you can hide your phishing link under a trusted link like google.com and with that technic, you can easily get the trust of your victim.

  • Maskphish is easy to use
  • Also, is available on many platforms
  • You can have a discussion Maskphisher tool with contributors
  • it’s also free

Who can install Maskphish

Then, as you are aware of why you should use Maskphish, let us discuss who can install it. Maskphish is available on many platforms such as:

  • Kali Linux
  • Termux
  • Ubuntu

Installation process

Now, this is the time to get Maskphish and install it. consider using one of the platforms discussed above. Also, if you don’t have termux or don’t know how to start with it you might read How to hack with your smartphone using termux.

Also, we have a complete guide on How to install kali Linux OS properly you should check it. Then, if you want more information about ubuntu we suggest you read the official docs for Ubuntu.

NB: in this article we are discussing about Termux installation even if it can be the same with other platforms.

Then, the first step you have to update termux repository

apt-get update -y
apt-get upgrade -y

Also, if you don’t have git installed on your termux you should install it with the command

pkg install git -y

Then, the last step is to clone Maskfish from GitHub. You can just copy this link in your terminal and press enter.

git clone https://github.com/jaykali/maskphish

Now, navigate into the Maskphish folder in order to install it.

cd maskphish
bash maskphish.sh

Also, if you want to discuss about Maskphish or having issue with the tool follow the discussion now.

Conclusion and Legal Disclainer

This tool is for education purpose only. Usage of MaskPhish for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. It’s the end user’s responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this tool. Use Responsibly!

Instahack best Termux Instagram hacking tool

You may be in need of testing your Instagram password strength or something else. The good news is that now you are going to discover the power full Instahack a best termux Instagram hacking tool.

Instahack gives you the opportunity of testing your password. Also, in our previous article, we discussed Zphisher best termux hacking tool for phishing. Also, don’t hesitate to check this article about onex best hacking tools on termux.

What is Instahack best termux Instagram hacking tool?

Instahack is a bash-based script that is officially made to test the password strength of Instagram account from termux with brute-force attack and. Also, This tool works on both rooted Android devices and Non-rooted Android devices.

who can install Instahack best termux instagram hacking tool

Then, as you know already what Instahack is, why not know who can install it. If you want to install Instahack you must have Termux installed on your android device. But if you don’t have it installed or don’t know how to install Termux don’t worry we prepared for you How to hack with your smartphone using termux.

what are the requirements?

Before to install Instahack let us first see what are the requirements.

  • Internet
  • Root Device or not
  • Php
  • storage 400 MB
  • Ngrok Token

what are the features of Instahack?

Then, as we now know the requirements in order to install Intahack, let now discuss features.

  • [+] Instagram stable API
  • [+] Updated maintenance
  • [+] tor usage
  • [+] Easy for Beginners

How to install Instahack best termux Instagram hacking tool?

Then, the time of installation is now, and i will require you to follow all steps to install Instahack properly.

The first step is to update Termux repository.

apt-get update -y
apt-get upgrade -y

Then, the second step is to install python if you didn’t install it before.

pkg install python -y
pkg install python2 -y

Also, the next step is to install git and lolcat if not yet install

pkg install git -y
pip install lolcat

Then, the following step is to clone Instahack in termux

git clone https://github.com/evildevill/instahack

Also, navigate into Instahack folder.

cd instahack

Then, the last step you install instahack

bash setup
bash instahack.sh

Instahack usage options

Then, as you have done the installation let us see what are some options that you can find in Instahack.

  • Auto attack: from this option you can start an attack
  • Manual attack: you can select manual pass list ad try attack
  • About: also, this option help you know more about the author
  • Update: from this option you can update Instahack tool if updates are available.


Also, know that this tool only for education purpose, if you use it for other purposes except education we will be not be responsible in such case.

Zphisher best termux hacking tool for phishing

Zphisher is an advanced phishing toolkit it is an upgraded version of Shellphish. It also has the main source code from Shellphish but ZPhisher is upgraded. Also, has removed some unnecessary codes from Shellphish.

Also, it is a beginner’s friendly, automated phishing tool with 30+ templates.

What are the features of Zphisher?

Then, it’s time to see Zphisher features.

  • Latest and updated login pages.
  • Mask URL Support
  • Beginners friendly
  • Docker support
  • Multiple tunneling options (Localhost, Ngrok )

What are Zphisher dependencies?

Notice: All the dependencies will be installed automatically when you run Zphisher for the first time.

  • Php
  • Wget
  • Curl
  • Git

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Zphisher supported Platforms

You may want also to know Zphiser is supported by which platforms. the good news is that it’s available on many platforms. Then, know that in this article we are talking about Zphisher on termux.

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How to install Zphisher on Termux?

Then, if you are reading this article I’m sure that you have Termux installed on your device, and if not don’t worry. Because we wrote a starter guide on how to hack with your smartphone using Termux.

Also, if you are among those who think Termux is the same as Linux don’t hesitate to read this guide what is the difference between Termux to Linux.

Then, let us continue you may find that installing Zphisher can be done in few minutes.

apt update 
apt install git php curl openssh -y 
git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/zphisher
cd zphisher  
chmod +x zphisher.sh 
bash zphisher.sh

Then, after you finish to install Zphishing you are ready to use that amazing termux tool.

What can you do to be safe from phishing attacks?

Also, as now you know that it’s possible to hack using Zphisher let us see how to prevent phishing attacks.

  • Avoid clicking on any suspicious link.
  • Make sure you check the link if is driving to original website.

Also, for more information about this attack, I suggest reading how hackers hack Facebook and how to prevent them.

Legal disclaimer

Usage of Zphisher for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. Also, It’s the end user’s responsibility to obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program

Graphical Environment on Termux

In this article, we are going to see how we can install Graphical Environment on termux. Then, you may ask yourself what is the graphical environment.

A graphics environment file contains commands that specify exactly how a graph is produced.

Termux provides support for programs that use X Window System. However, there no hardware acceleration for rendering, and the user will have to install a third-party application to view the graphical output. Before we continue let us see some definitions of keywords that we are going to use in this article.

What is X Window System?

The X Window System is a network-transparent window system that runs on a wide range of computing and graphics machines. X Window System servers run on computers with bitmap displays. The X server distributes user input to and accepts output requests from several client programs through a variety of different inter-process communication channels. Also, the most common case is for the client on networking and remote applications.

What is a VNC viewer?

VNC® Viewer turns your phone into a remote desktop, giving you instant access to your Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. You can view your computer’s desktop remotely, and control its mouse and keyboard as though you were sitting down in front of it.

Who can run Graphical Environment on Termux?

Then, as you know already keywords, let us see who can run Graphical Environment on termux. Termux is a free app that everyone who has an android device can get from the play store.

in the previous article, we discussed Best android apps Termux learner in 2021 from play store. You can see in that article the best apps that will teach you termux command and discover the best apps for hacking.

First, if you don’t have termux download it from the play store. last it’s applicable only to Termux installations running on Android 7.0 or higher

Enabling the X11 Repository – Graphical Environment on Termux

To use X11-enabled programs, please, make sure that at least one of the following programs is installed. In this article we are going to use VNC Viewer:

  • VNC Viewer – the best choice for interacting with the graphical environment. Requires a running VNC server.
  • XServer XSDL – this one may be unstable but it provides a standalone Xorg server so you don’t have to set up VNC.

Also, know that X11 packages are available in a separate APT repository. You can enable it by running the following command:

pkg install x11-repo

this command will automatically add appropriate sources.list file and PGP key.

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Setting up VNC Viewer – Graphical Environment on Termux


As we said we are going to use VNC Viewer in this post then, let us configure it for the graphical output.

  • Install tigervnc in termux.
pkg install tigervnc
  • After, installation you can now execute tigervnc with this command :
vncserver -localhost

At first time, you will be prompted for setting up passwords. Then, set your password must be 6 or 8 characters and  passwords are not visible when you are typing them.

Then, after you finish to set up your password, if everything is okay you will see this:

It means that X (vnc) server is available on display ‘localhost:2’. Finally, to make programs do graphical output to the display ‘localhost:1’, set environment variable like shown here (yes, without specifying ‘localhost’):

Check if the VncServer is running or not. if it’s not running go back on previous step.


Now it’s time to install VNC Viewer from the playstore. Then, if you have finished to install VNC Viewer, open it and start configuration.

Now in the Address field Type localhost:1, Remember next time you run the server you need to change the localhost to 2 or 3. or You can type vncserver -list and you can see your localhost number there.

Next, press create and it will create the connexion with your termux. Then, In the next step click on the green button and last click on the name of your connection.

Then, press ok to allow connection.

Now the time of puting your authenfication is there. put the password you set in the previous step.

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Window Managers

Then, as we have configured the connection let us see how to manage the window. Also, the Simplest way to get a working graphical environment is to install Fluxbox:

$ pkg install fluxbox

Then, if you want you can set fluxbox to started automatically on VNC server startup. To do this, edit file ~/.vnc/xstartup.

Desktop environment (XFCE)

Also, It is possible to set up a full-blown desktop environment in Termux. Only XFCE is supported, porting of other environments is not being planned. Now let us see how to install XFCE.

pkg install xfce4
VNC server startup configuration (~/.vnc/xstartup)
xfce4-session & 


Hope now you are having Graphical Environment on your termux, if there is an issue during installation let us know to help you solve that issue. thanks

Best android apps Termux learner in 2021 from play store

So do you want to learn Termux hacking or to improve your skills in hacking using your Android phone?. You are on the right way if you were having that need.

Knowledge is like a garden: if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.

In our previous article, we have mentioned the Best android apps to learn programming in 2021. These android apps can help you in your journey as a software developer. In this article, we are going to see the best android apps Termux learner in 2021 from the play store.

Many people are using their mobile phones for chatting, calling, and messaging while others are transforming their Android phones as their library. Then, let us see how you can learn Termux hacking from your phone easily.

Best android apps you should install in 2021 from the Play store

Now, here is a list of all android apps we are going to discuss in this article, which will help you to have an idea of what we will discuss in this article.

Termux Guide

What You Will Learn with Termux Guide?

  • Phishing Attack
  • Brute Force Attack
  • Virus Making
  • Information Gathering
  • Termux API tools
  • Hacking tools
  • Important useful code
  • Penetration testing

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Also, let us discuss this sweet app TermEX. Then, know that Termx is an application that has plenty of open-source tools guides. Also, it’s easy to copy and use them on your terminal.

Additionally, you can use these tools for penetration tester, ethical hacking, security, and education purpose also.

Termux Guide App in Tamil

Then, this is another app that we can’t forget in the list. With Termux guide app in tamil, you will easily learn how to use termux and all its tools and commands. Also, you can choose your language in order to understand the content provide by the app.

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Also, you can copy and paste code easily from the app to your Termux terminal, and each month they do update the app.

Termux Command

Also, with the Termux Command app, you can learn about all frequently using basic termux commands in detail.

Additionally, this app is very helpful for beginners in learning how termux works. After learning about these basic commands I am sure you will be able to install various termux tools so easily. These basic commands will help you to increase your ethical hacking & vulnerability analysis skills.

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Termux- Tools Installation Guide

Then, let us see about the Termux tools installation guide, this app provides installation commands for install various tools in termux.
Also, it provides a guide for modifying termux overviews and add features in termux. Additionally, with the help of this guide, you can install tools for penetration testing in termux. Commands for installing the different operating systems in termux like Ubuntu, Windows, Kali, Parrot, Other Linux Distro.

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Closing words

Finally, we have enumerated all the Best android apps you should install in 2021 from the Play store to learn termux, now it’s your turn to choose what will fit best for you. good luck but don’t forget to give your comment so that we can know what is your choice among these apps.

Termux app| what is the difference from linux

Differences between Termux from Linux

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment application that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically, additional packages are available using the package manager.

diferrence between termux to linux

you can see that the environment setup in Termux is similar to that of a modern Linux distribution. However, running on Android implies several important differences. you can decide today to start with Termux and get familliar with it if not yet done.

Termux is not FHS compliant

File Hierarchy Standard

The reason why Termux does not use official Debian or Ubuntu packages for its environment it’s because it does not follow FHS.

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what is FHS?

The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) defines the directory structure and directory contents in Linux distributions. It is maintained by the Linux Foundation.

Termux does not follow Filesystem Hierarchy Standard unlike the majority of Linux distributions. You cannot find directories like /bin, /etc, /usr, /tmp, and others at the usual location. Thus, all programs should be patched and recompiled to meet the requirements of the Termux environment otherwise they will not be able to find their configuration files or other data.

You may have a problem executing scripts that have standard shebangs (e.g. #!/bin/sh). Use the termux-fix-shebang script to modify these files before executing. Recent versions of Termux provide a special package (termux-exec) that allows usage of standard she-bangs. Hope you can be happy to know these 6 best os for hacking and penetration testing

what is shebang?

shebang is the character sequence consisting of the character’s number sign and exclamation mark (#!) at the beginning of a script. It is also called sha-bang, hashbang, or hash-pling.

Most of packages have shared library dependencies which are installed to $ PREFIX/lib.

  • On devices before Android 7, Termux exports special variable ($ LD_LIBRARY_PATH) which tells linker to where find shared library files.
  • Also, on Android 7 or higher, DT_RUNPATH ELF header attribute is used instead of LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

If you still need a classical Linux file system layout for some reason, you may try to use termux-chroot from package ‘proot’:

$ pkg install proot
$ termux-chroot
$ ls /usr

Termux uses Bionic libc

Bionic Libc

To have best compatibility with Android OS and remove the need of maintaining custom toolchains termux developper compile all their packages with Android NDK. Resulting binaries are linked against Bionic libc (files libc.so, libm.so, libdl.so from /system/lib or /system/lib64).

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what is bionic?

Bionic is an implementation of the standard C library, developed by Google for its Android operating system.

Usage of libc provided by Android and FHS incompatibility disables ability to execute native packages copied from Linux distributions:

  • Dynamically linked programs will not run due to linker expected in nonexistent location (/lib) and libc ABI mismatch.
  • Statically linked programs (only networking ones) will not be able to resolve DNS names. GNU libc normally doesn’t allow static linking with resolver. Also, the file /etc/resolv.conf does not exist on Android.
  • On non-rooted Android 8 or newer, statically linked programs will not run due to issues with seccomp filter.

However, these restrictions can be bypassed by setting up a Linux distribution rootfs with PRoot

what is PRoot?

PRoot is a user-space implementation of chroot, mount –bind, and binfmt_misc. This means that users don’t need any privileges or set up to do things like using an arbitrary directory as the new root filesystem, making files accessible somewhere else in the filesystem hierarchy, or executing programs built for another CPU architecture transparently through QEMU user-mode.

Root file system is stored as ordinary application data

Root file system and user home directory are located in private application data directory which lives on data partition. Paths to these directories are exposed as $ PREFIX and $HOME respectively.

You cannot move $ PREFIX to another location because all programs expect that it will not be changed. Additionally, you cannot have binaries, symlinks, and other files from $ PREFIX on sdcard. The reason is simple – file system there does not support UNIX permissions, symlinks, sockets, etc…

if you uninstall the application or wipe data, directories $ PREFIX and $HOME will be wiped too. Before doing this, make sure that all-important data is backed up.

Termux is single-user

Android applications are convenient and have their own Linux user id and SELinux label. Termux is not an exception and everything within Termux is executed with the same user id as the application itself. User name may look like u0_a231 and cannot be changed as it is derived from user id by Bionic libc.

All termux packages (except root-only ones) are patched to drop any multiuser, setuid/setgid and other similar functionality. termux developer also changed default ports for server packages: ftpd, httpd and sshd have their default ports set to 8021, 8080, and 8022 respectively.

Termux developers give you freedom of read-write access to all application components including $PREFIX. Be careful since it is very easy to break things by accidentally deleting or overwriting files in $PREFIX.

closing words

congratulation you have reached the end of the article hope now you know the differences between termux and modern linux. thankyou.

How to install Tool-X on termux||ethical hacking

what is Tool-X?

you may wonder how to install the hacking tool for termux named Tool-X don’t worry you are on the right place, by following this article step by step you will be ready to install Tool-X properly on termux.

Tool-X is a Kali Linux hacking tools installer for Termux and Linux system. Tool-X was developed for Termux and Linux based systems.

Since you are using Tool-X, you can install almost 370+ hacking tools in Termux (android) and other Linux based distributions. Now Tool-X is available for Ubuntu, Debian.

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who can install Tool-X?

As well as now you know what is Tool-X, sometimes you may ask your self questions if you can install Tool-X on your mobile , or if your phone can support Tool-X. let me tell you the good news is that Tool-X is available for :

Then to install Tool-X, make sure you have an android device then Termux installed on your mobile, and after following the next steps.

How to install Tool-X?

Besides, as now the answer of who can install Tool-x is answered let us see how now you can install Tool-X on Termux.

First ,open your termux terminal and type following commands.

  • apt update
  • apt install git if already install git you can go on step 3
  • git clone https://github.com/rajkumardusad/Tool-X.git
  • cd Tool-X
  • chmod +x install
  • sh install if not work use ./ install

How to use Tool-X?

Finally, we have answered the question, Who can install and how to install Tool-X.let then see how to use it. In addition to use, Tool-X navigates through the app. Also, Tool-X gives 5 option that you can choose from. To open Tool-X type Tool-x OR Toolx on the terminal.

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The first option is to type 1 then enter to show all Tool-X tools. it’s almost 370

If you want to show tools category type 2. enter

To update Tool-X type 3 then enter.

For about Tool-X type 4

Lastly type x if you want to close Tool-X

closing words

Hope you have enjoyed the content of this article, and I know that you have installed Tool-x. We are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program. use this tool at your own risk!