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Simple Steps to Master Hacking with Termux on Your Smartphone

In today’s digital age, where everything from personal communication to business transactions takes place online, it’s more important than ever to understand and protect yourself from hacking.

While hacking has a negative connotation associated with it, the skills used by hackers can also be used for good, such as in the field of cybersecurity.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Termux, a powerful terminal emulator for Android that allows you to use Linux commands on your smartphone, and show you the simple steps to master hacking with Termux.

Whether you’re a curious beginner or an experienced hacker, this article will provide you with the essential knowledge and tools to start your hacking journey on your smartphone.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Termux and Hacking

What is Termux?

Termux is a powerful terminal emulator for Android that allows you to access the Linux command line interface on your smartphone.

It provides an environment for running various Linux command-line tools and utilities, which makes it an ideal platform for penetration testing and ethical hacking activities.

What is Hacking?

Hacking is the process of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks to gain unauthorized access to them.

Hacking can be performed for both malicious and ethical purposes, and it requires the use of various tools and techniques to achieve the desired results.

Click on this link to read more about how to become a hacker

2. Setting up Termux on Your Smartphone

Installing Termux from f-droid

To install Termux on your smartphone, simply visit the f-droid Store and search for “Termux”. Once you have located the app, click on the “download” button to download it.

Basic Configuration of Termux

After installing Termux, you need to set up the basic configuration settings.

This includes setting the font size, color scheme, and other settings that you prefer. You can do this by accessing the Termux settings menu.

Installing and Configuring Additional Packages

Once you have set up the basic configuration settings, you can install additional packages and tools that you require for your hacking activities.

Termux provides a package management system that allows you to install and manage various packages and tools.

3. Essential Hacking Tools and Commands

Understanding the Linux Filesystem

Before you can start using Termux for hacking, it is important to have a basic understanding of the Linux filesystem structure.

This includes understanding the various directories and files that make up the file system.

Basic Commands and Tools for Hacking

Termux provides a variety of tools and commands for hacking and penetration testing activities. Some of the essential tools and commands include netcat, tcpdump, nmap, and metasploit.

Exploring and Customizing the Termux Environment

To get the most out of Termux, it is important to explore and customize the environment to suit your needs. This includes customizing the prompt, setting up aliases, and creating scripts to automate tasks.

You can read more on how to customize termux.

4. Performing Network Scanning and Enumeration

Understanding Network Scanning Techniques

Network scanning is an essential aspect of penetration testing and hacking.

It involves identifying open ports and services on a network, as well as detecting vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Termux provides a variety of tools for network scanning like Nmap…

Using Nmap for Network Scanning and Host Discovery

Nmap is a powerful network scanning tool that is available on Termux. It can be used for host discovery, port scanning, and vulnerability detection.

Nmap also has a variety of output formats that can be used to analyze the results of a scan.

Enumerating Network Services and Operating Systems

Network enumeration involves gathering information about the services and operating systems that are running on a network.

This information can be used to identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Termux provides a variety of tools for network enumeration, including Netcat and SNMPwalk.

5. Cracking Passwords and Extracting Information

In the world of hacking, cracking passwords and extracting information is essential.

With Termux on your smartphone, you have access to powerful tools that can help you crack passwords and extract information from files and databases.

Understanding Password Cracking Techniques

Password cracking is the process of guessing or cracking a password from a stored location. There are different methods to crack passwords, including brute-force attacks, dictionary attacks, and rainbow table attacks. Each method involves different techniques and requires different tools to execute.

Using Hydra and Crunch for Password Cracking

Hydra is a popular password-cracking tool that uses brute force attacks to crack passwords.

It supports various protocols, including HTTP, FTP, POP3, Telnet, and more. Crunch is another powerful tool used for generating passwords for brute-force attacks.

It can create a list of possible passwords based on the specified character set and length.

Extracting Information from Files and Databases

Extracting information from files and databases can provide valuable insights for hackers.

Termux provides various tools that can extract information from files and databases, including sqlmap, John the Ripper, and more.

These tools use different techniques and require specific knowledge to use effectively.

6. Social Engineering and Phishing Techniques

Social engineering and phishing techniques can be used to deceive or trick individuals into providing sensitive information.

As a hacker, understanding and executing these techniques can be powerful tools for gaining access to sensitive data.

Understanding Social Engineering and Phishing

Social engineering involves manipulating individuals into performing specific actions or disclosing sensitive information.

Phishing is a specific type of social engineering that involves sending fraudulent emails or messages to trick individuals into giving up their credentials or personal information.

Creating Phishing Pages and Sending Phishing Emails

Creating phishing pages and sending phishing emails can be done easily with Termux.

Tools such as SocialFish and HiddenEye can be used to create convincing phishing pages and control phishing campaigns.

However, it’s important to note that phishing is illegal and could result in serious consequences if caught.

Protecting Yourself from Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks

Protecting yourself from social engineering and phishing attacks involves being cautious and vigilant about suspicious messages or emails.

Always verify the authenticity of a message or email before providing sensitive information. Additionally, keep your smartphone and network secure by using strong passwords and updating your software regularly.

7. Protecting Yourself from Hacking Vulnerabilities

As with any technology, there are vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to gain access to sensitive data. Protecting yourself from hacking vulnerabilities involves understanding these vulnerabilities and implementing methods to prevent them.

Understanding Hacking Vulnerabilities

Hacking vulnerabilities can be caused by software bugs, misconfigured systems, weak passwords, and more.

These vulnerabilities can be exploited using different techniques, including remote attacks, malware attacks, and social engineering attacks.

Securing Your Smartphone and Network

Securing your smartphone and network involves implementing security measures such as using strong passwords, updating your software regularly, and installing antivirus software. Additionally, avoid connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks and be cautious when downloading apps or files from the internet.

Identifying and Investigating Hacking Attempts

Identifying and investigating hacking attempts involves monitoring your smartphone and network for any suspicious activity. It’s important to keep logs of network traffic and system events to identify any anomalous behavior. In the event of a hacking attempt, it’s crucial to investigate and remediate the issue promptly.

8. Conclusion and Next Steps in Hacking with Termux

In conclusion, hacking with Termux on your smartphone can be a powerful tool for gaining access to sensitive data. However, it’s important to use these tools responsibly and within the boundaries of the law. Next steps in hacking with Termux involve continuing to learn and practice using different techniques and tools.

Review of Hacking Techniques and Tools Covered

Throughout this article, we covered various hacking techniques and tools, including password cracking, social engineering, and protecting yourself from hacking vulnerabilities. It’s important to have a solid understanding of these techniques before attempting to use them.

Resources for Further Learning and Practice

There are various online resources available for further learning and practice in hacking with Termux. These resources include online forums, video tutorials, and blogs dedicated to hacking and cybersecurity. Remember to always practice ethical hacking and use these tools responsibly.In conclusion, hacking with Termux on your smartphone can be a fun and educational experience, but it’s important to always use your skills ethically and responsibly. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can gain a deeper understanding of how hacking works and how to protect yourself from potential attacks. Remember to always practice good security habits and to use your newfound knowledge for positive purposes. Happy hacking!


Can hacking with Termux be illegal?

Yes, hacking is illegal if it is done without the owner’s consent. It’s important to always use your hacking skills ethically and responsibly, and to only use them for educational or cybersecurity purposes.

Do I need to have experience with Linux to use Termux for hacking?

While having some experience with Linux commands and tools can be helpful, it is not necessary. This article is designed for beginners and covers the essential knowledge and tools you need to start hacking with Termux on your smartphone.

Is hacking with Termux safe for my smartphone or personal information?

Hacking with Termux can be safe as long as you follow good security practices and only use reputable sources for downloading tools and packages. It’s important to protect your smartphone and personal information by keeping your software up-to-date, using strong passwords, and avoiding suspicious links and downloads.

What are some resources for further learning and practice in hacking with Termux?

There are many online resources and communities for learning and practicing hacking with Termux, including forums, blogs, and online courses. Some popular resources include the Termux Wiki, the Null Byte community, and the Udemy course “Learn Ethical Hacking With Termux.”

How to report Instagram Accounts Using Termux

Are you in search of a reliable Instagram reporting tool? Look no further! In this article, we will be discussing how to report Instagram accounts using Termux.

The tool we will be discussing is a game-changer for reporting any Instagram account. Simply input the username of the account and let the tool do the rest. It will automatically send reports until the account is banned.

For those new to Termux, we will also be discussing hacking techniques using Termux and Kali Linux to aid you in your penetration testing journey.

New Termux users often encounter problems and errors during the installation of Termux tools. They frequently ask me why they are unable to install the tools I discuss on my blog.

However, I have found a solution. Most beginners who want to start with Termux make the mistake of downloading it from the Play Store.

In my first article about how to start with Termux, I discussed why Termux users should avoid downloading it from the Play Store. To put it simply, when you install Termux from the Play Store, you will not be able to update or upgrade the Termux repository.

Additionally, you will encounter errors when trying to install some tools.

Although I discuss Termux hacking tools on this blog, I do not recommend using Termux for hacking. You can read this post to see why you should avoid using Termux for hacking.

Where to download termux?

If you want to be safe and enjoy using Termux, the Termux community and I suggest downloading Termux from F-droid.

When you install Termux from F-droid, you will receive the latest and most updated version.

Termux combines powerful terminal emulation with an extensive Linux package collection. With this tool, you can take your reporting and penetration testing to the next level.

  • Enjoy the bash and zsh shells.
  • Edit files with nano and Vim.
  • Access servers over ssh.
  • Compile code with gcc and clang.
  • Use the python console as a pocket calculator.
  • Run text-based games with frotz.

“Let’s now shift our focus to the Instagram reporting tool.”

Instagram reporting tool

The Instagram reporting tool is a valuable feature that allows users to report any inappropriate or harmful content on the platform.

This tool is essential in maintaining a safe and positive environment for all users. By utilizing this tool, users can flag any content that violates Instagram’s community guidelines, such as hate speech, harassment, or graphic violence.

Furthermore, the reporting tool also allows users to report fake accounts, impersonation, and intellectual property infringement.

Instagram takes these reports seriously and takes appropriate action to remove the offending content or account.

The Instagram Reporting Tool is a powerful Termux tool designed to report specific Instagram accounts and videos.

With this tool, users can easily report any content that violates Instagram’s community guidelines, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for all users.

Whether you’re a social media manager, influencer, or simply a concerned citizen, the Instagram Reporting Tool is an essential tool for maintaining a positive and respectful online community.

So why wait? Get and install the Instagram Reporting Tool today and start reporting inappropriate content with ease!

Installation process

“This tool has been developed using Python. To ensure a smooth installation process, it is imperative that you follow the procedures that I am about to discuss. By doing so, you can avoid any potential errors that may arise.”

You can also to know how to get Instagram followers using BadRobo termux hacking tool.

To begin the installation process, simply copy and paste the following commands into the designated area. This will initiate the necessary steps to successfully install the program.

To begin, the initial command is to update and upgrade the Termux repository. This can be accomplished by utilizing the following command:

pkg update && upgrade

Once this step is complete, the next task is to install both Python and python3. This can be done by executing the following command:

pkg install python -y
pkg install python2 -y

To proceed, you must obtain the tool from GitHub by executing the following command:

git clone

Now that we have the instareport folder, we can navigate inside it by using the command:

cd InstaReport

The following step is to install the tools requirements using the pip command:

pip install -r requirements.txt && colorama && requests

The last step is to run the ReportBot script using the command:


In order to successfully install this tool, it is necessary to carefully copy and paste the provided commands to prevent any potential errors.

Once installed, this powerful tool enables users to easily report Instagram accounts through the Termux app.

when you run the script it will ask for the password, this tool is protected by the owner. To continue using this tool, kindly just use this password: @hackerexploits.

Additional information

The startup commands are very simple and if you visit my blog, you already know these commands. I’m sure I’ve explained why we have to type pkg update and upgrade when we open a Termux application thousands of times.

During the installation process, we used the cd command to navigate to the tool folder. For all tools, you may install in your Termux, you will use the cd command to navigate inside the folder you cloned from GitHub.

Also, the command ls helped us list the content (files) and the script in the tool folder.

We also used pip to install some tool requirements to avoid errors during the installation. We installed Colorama as one of the important tool requirements

Then, for the last command, we used Python to run the script. We used Python because the script was developed in Python.

Warning about the Instagram reporting tool

“Cautionary Note Regarding Instagram’s Reporting Tool”

Instagram’s reporting tool has been the subject of concern among users. It has been observed that the tool may not always function as intended, leading to inaccurate reporting and potential consequences for users.

It is important to exercise caution when using the reporting tool and to ensure that any reports submitted are accurate and legitimate. False reporting can result in account suspension or termination, and may also have legal implications.

To avoid any issues, it is recommended that users thoroughly review Instagram’s community guidelines and terms of service before submitting a report. Additionally, users should only report content that violates these guidelines and refrain from reporting content simply because they disagree with it.

By using the reporting tool responsibly, users can help maintain a safe and positive community on Instagram.

Getting and Installing DarkArmy Tool on Termux. The Ultimate Guide

In an era where online security is of paramount importance, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. DarkArmy emerges as a powerful and versatile cybersecurity tool designed to enhance your defense capabilities.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through acquiring and installing DarkArmy on Termux. By harnessing the capabilities of DarkArmy, you can strengthen your security posture and gain valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities within your network.

Let’s dive into the world of DarkArmy and explore its functionalities in order to fortify your cybersecurity defenses.

What is DarkArmy?

DarkArmy is a powerful tool designed for cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts. It provides a wide range of functionalities to aid in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and network analysis.

Advantages and benefits of DarkArmy

Using DarkArmy has several advantages.

Firstly, it offers an extensive collection of tools and scripts that can be used for a variety of security tasks. Additionally, DarkArmy provides an easy-to-use interface, making it accessible even for beginners in the field.

Its versatility and compatibility with multiple operating systems make it a popular choice among cybersecurity experts.


DarkArmy all hacking tools

The DarkArmy tool is a powerful cybersecurity tool that packs a punch. With DarkArmy, you can perform a range of important security tasks, such as vulnerability scanning, network analysis, and password cracking. It’s like having your very own elite cybersecurity army at your fingertips.

Don’t be intimidated by DarkArmy’s command-line interface. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it’s actually quite intuitive.

DarkArmy uses a series of commands and options that allow you to navigate through its various functionalities and modules. Just remember to consult the documentation for the specific command syntax and options you need.

DarkArmy comprises different modules, each specialized in a specific cybersecurity task. Each module comes with its own set of options that allow you to customize and fine-tune your actions.

Information Gathering:

  • Nmap
  • Setoolkit
  • Port Scanning
  • Host To IP
  • WordPress user
  • CMS scanner
  • XSStrike
  • Dork – Google Dorks Passive Vulnerability Auditor
  • Scan A server’s Users
  • Crips

Password Attacks:

  • Cupp
  • Ncrack

Wireless Testing:

Exploitation Tools:

  • sqlmap
  • Shellnoob
  • commix
  • FTP Auto Bypass
  • jboss-autopwn

Sniffing & Spoofing:

  • Setoolkit
  • SSLtrip
  • pyPISHER
  • SMTP Mailer

Web Hacking:

  • Drupal Hacking
  • Inurlbr
  • WordPress & Joomla Scanner
  • Gravity Form Scanner
  • File Upload Checker
  • WordPress Exploit Scanner
  • Shell and Directory Finder
  • Joomla! 1.5 – 3.4.5 Remote code execution
  • WordPress Plugins Scanner
  • Vbulletin 5. X remote code execution
  • BruteX – Automatically brute force all services running on a target
  • Arachni – Web Application Security Scanner Framework

Private Web Hacking:

  • Get all websites
  • Get Joomla websites
  • Control Panel Finder
  • Get WordPress websites
  • Zip Files Finder
  • Upload File Finder
  • Get server users
  • SQli Scanner
  • Ports Scan (range of ports)
  • ports Scan (common ports)
  • Get server Info
  • Bypass Cloudflare

Post Exploitation:

  • Shell Checker
  • POET
  • Weeman

How to install DarkArmy on Linux

Understanding the prerequisites for DarkArmy

Before diving into DarkArmy, it’s essential to meet the prerequisites. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and sufficient storage space on your device.

Additionally, familiarity with command-line interfaces and basic cybersecurity concepts will significantly enhance your DarkArmy experience.

it’s crucial to prepare the Linux environment. Execute the following command to get DarkArmy from GitHub.

git clone

Then, navigate to the directory where you downloaded the DarkArmy tool. By running the command


The next thing to do is to change the script permission using the command:

chmod +x

Then, after changing the script permission, you can now install the tool by running the command:


How to install DarkArmy on Termux

Before you install DarkArmy on termux it’s crucial to prepare the Termux environment. Update your Termux packages by running the command `pkg update`, followed by `pkg upgrade`.

These commands ensure you have the latest versions of essential packages, improving compatibility and stability.

Once your Termux environment is up-to-date, execute the following command to get DarkArmy from GitHub.

To install darkarmy on termux first, install Git and Python for those who have not yet done it. You can install git by running the command:

pkg install git

and also for Python installation, you can run the command:

pkg install python

Then, it’s time to get the tool from GitHub by running the command:

git clone

Now navigate to DarkArmy folder by running the command:


Next, change the script permission using the command:

chmod +x

Last, run the script by running the command:


Verifying the successful installation of DarkArmy

To confirm that DarkArmy has been installed successfully, execute a simple command such as `darkarmy –version`. If DarkArmy’s version information is displayed, congratulations! You have successfully installed DarkArmy on your Termux environment. Now, get ready to explore its powerful cybersecurity capabilities.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use DarkArmy ethically and responsibly in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


With DarkArmy on Termux, you have a powerful cybersecurity toolset at your disposal. By understanding its functionalities, optimizing its settings, and troubleshooting potential issues, you can take full advantage of DarkArmy’s capabilities.

Be sure to stay informed about updates and seek support when needed. With DarkArmy by your side, you can bolster your cybersecurity defenses and stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Gather information about your victim 

Gathering information is the first step when a hacker tries to get information about the target. Hackers use different sources and tools to get more information, and 007THEBOND is among them. This information will be useful for you.

What is information gathering?

Information gathering is the collection of various data about a targeted victim or system. This is the first stage or initial stage of ethical hacking, where penetration testers or hackers (both black hat and white hat) try to gather victim information. It is a necessary and crucial step.

The more information collected on a subject, the higher the probability of obtaining relevant results. Data collection is not just a phase of security testing; this is an art that every penetration tester (pen tester) and hacker should master to get a better penetration testing experience.

There are various tools, techniques, and websites, including public sources such as Whois, nslookup, that help hackers gather information.

This step is necessary because you may need information when attacking a target (such as their pet’s name, best friend’s name, age, or phone number to perform a password-guessing attack or other types of attacks).

Some information-gathering tools to use

  • Nmap

allows security professionals to discover real-time hosts on the network and perform port scanning.

This tool is useful for many reasons, such as identifying open ports that are vulnerable to hacker attacks, or finding the operating system used for security holes to be exploited.

  • Metasploit

Metasploit Framework is a powerful tool for cybersecurity professionals in data collection tasks.

What makes it unique is that it is very easy to use. Both ethical hackers and cybercriminals can use it to identify vulnerabilities in networks and servers.

  • Maltego

It is a tool that enables graph-based data mining, network analysis, and visualization. It can be used to collect data, such as creating IP ranges, mapping domain names, or searching for devices connected to a network.

  • Wireshark

Wireshark is one of the most well-known and widely used packet sniffing tools today. It is used by cybersecurity professionals, network administrators, and hackers to gather information about networks.

Network packets contain a lot of information, and Wireshark collects this information for later analysis. Learning how to use Wireshark is essential if you want to collect data on the web.

  • Netcat

Netcat is a tool to establish simple connections between hosts. It can also be used with TCP and UDP protocols, for example for port scanning or creating backdoor channels.

If the appropriate ports are configured, it can read and write data. If you want to be a penetration tester or work in cybersecurity, learning how to use Netcat is very useful.

For Android users, especially those who use Termux we are going to discuss a tool that will help us gather victim information like other tools.

TheBond termux hacking tool

TheBond is a Termux script that assists users in locating information about their victims, friends, and families.

This tool is powerful and helpful for those who want to start a penetration testing career. The development of this tool was contributed by Deadshot0x7 DeadShot0x7 and kana800 kana800.

Features of TheBond tool

  1. Instagram OSNIT: This feature is not available for now
  2. Phone number OSNIT
  3. Search for the username of the victim on social media
  4. Search: It helps also to search some information on the web about the victim
  5. IplookUp

Who can install this tool?

TheBond tool was tested on some Linux distributions and also on Termux. That means if you are running any Linux distribution listed here or if you have termux you can be able to install it.

  1. Kali Linux
  2. Parrot Linux
  3. Termux (find Instagram user is not working currently, but you can read How to get Instagram users info using termux)
  4. Garuda Linux

Installation process

Before we start installing thebond, we have first to update and upgrade Termux repositories by using the command:

pkg update && upgrade

Then, to get the tool, we have to install git, only those who don’t have git installed can install it; otherwise, we can go to the next step:

pkg install git

After we have finished with the installation of git, we can get the tool from GitHub using the command:

git clone

Now, we can navigate into the cloned tool directory using the command:

cd 007-TheBond

The next step is to create a virtual environment and activate it by using the command:

python -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate

The following step is to install the required packages to avoid errors during installation.

pip install -r requirements.txt

We can also use the command “./” to install the necessary packages. And then, let us run the script by using the command:


 If you are not able to install this tool, you can retry the process. If you encounter an error during installation, please leave a comment in the comment field describing the problem so that we can assist you.

Sponsor And Donation

TheBond is created and maintained by the One Developer; you can contribute to the project to assist the Developer in keeping it up to date.

If you may want to join this discord tool community, don’t hesitate to click on the link below (


Disclaimer: We will not be responsible if you misuse the script, by using the script, you are responsible for any damages that you may cause.

How to get and install Ipdrone on termux

Ipdrone, a popular open-source tool, allows users to gather information about IP addresses, domains, and subdomains, while Termux provides a comprehensive and customizable Linux environment for Android devices.

In this article, we will explore the process of obtaining and installing Ipdrone on Termux, enabling users to leverage the capabilities of both tools and enhance their network surveillance and security assessment endeavours.

You may sometimes want to know the location of someone by using your Android phone. I have to say that Termux has good tools that can help you with that, like Ipdrone, and IPtracer.

What is Ipdrone?

Ipdrone is an awesome tool that allows you to perform IP surveys and mapping tasks. You can scan networks, discover devices, and gather information, all from the comfort of your digital cockpit.

It is a simple Python script, that can be used for IP lookup and to get information on a particular target IP. This tool works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

Supported devices

Before you strap on your pilot goggles, it’s important to make sure your device is compatible with Ipdrone. While the compatibility requirements are not as intense as a NASA space mission, it’s essential to have a relatively recent Android device and a version of Termux that supports the necessary tools.

Once you meet these requirements, you’ll be on your way to becoming an IP reconnaissance ace with Ipdrone and Termux.

Ipdrone was tested on Termux. That means any Termux user can get and install Ipdrone. This tool works on rooted and non-rooted devices, you don’t need to root your device to install it.

Ipdrone requirements

Ipdrone brings IP reconnaissance to a whole new level by harnessing the powers of drones. With its sleek interface and powerful functionalities, you can scan networks faster than a cheetah chasing its prey.

Discover the devices connected to a network, map out IP addresses, and collect valuable information that would make even James Bond proud.

Upgrade your hacking skills with Ipdrone and explore the world of network reconnaissance like never before.

To install tools on termux there are some requirements to get the tool.

  • Internet: to install Ipdrone you must have good internet to get the tool from GitHub
  • 400 MB storage: To get the tool, you must have at least 400 MB of storage space
  • Python: for other reasons, you must install Python to avoid errors during installation

Ipdrone features :

  • [+] Real live location!
  • [+] Updated maintenance!
  • [+] Ip lookup
  • [+] Easy for Beginners!

Installation process

Before we begin the installation, we must use the command to update and upgrade the termux packages.

pkg update && upgrade

After updating and upgrading, we can now install python and python2 by using the command:

pkg install python && python2 -y

To get the tool from GitHub, we have to install Git by using the command:

pkg install git - y

Also, we have to install lolcat using pip:

pip install lolcat

Next, we install requests, so that we can be able to install the Python packages used in the project.

pip install requests

Then, we can get the Ipdrone folder from GitHub by using the command:

git clone

This time we are going to navigate in the ipdrone holder by using the command:

cd ipdrone

Then you can run the script using the command:

python -v (your victim ip here)

For example:

python -v

Understanding Ipdrone configuration options

Now that you have the Ipdrone up and running, let’s delve into the realm of configuration. Understanding the configuration options will help you unleash the true power of Ipdrone. Here are a few essential settings to take note of:

1. Target IP/Domain: This option allows you to specify the IP address or domain name of your target. Make sure to enter it correctly to ensure accurate results.
2. Port: Specify the port number that you want Ipdrone to scan. The default port is often 80, but can vary depending on your target.

Identifying and resolving installation problems

Installing software isn’t always smooth sailing, so let’s tackle some common issues you may encounter during the installation of Ipdrone on Termux:

Permission errors: If you encounter permission errors during the installation, make sure you are running Termux with the necessary permissions. Try using the `su` command to switch to superuser mode.
Also, missing dependencies: Double-check that you have installed all the required dependencies mentioned in the installation guide. If any are missing, install them using the package manager.


Now, go forth and embark on your Ipdrone adventures with confidence and curiosity, Happy scanning. In conclusion, by following the step-by-step guide and understanding the features and benefits of Ipdrone on Termux, you can unlock a powerful network exploration and penetration testing capability on your Android device.

With the ability to gather information about IP addresses, domains, and subdomains, you can enhance your network reconnaissance and security assessment efforts. Also, with Ipdrone on Termux, you have the potential to take your network exploration to new heights. Start exploring and securing your network today!

How to install rootless Nethunter In Termux

Today’s topic is how to install Nethunter in Termux without root permission. The script we will see today will help you run Kali Nethunter in Termux.

NetHunter in termux

nethunter on termux

Kali NetHunter is a free and open-source mobile penetration testing platform for Android devices, based on Kali Linux. Kali NetHunter is available for un-rooted devices (NetHunter Rootless)

Steps For Installation

Before you install Nethunter in termux you have first to update and upgrade termux repositories by using the command.

pkg update & & upgrade

Next, you have to download the script from GitHub by using the command:

curl -LO

 The following step is to change the permission to the script and give the execution permission using the command:

chmod +x kalinethunter

Then, you can run the script by using the command: 


Nethunter Usage

After the installation, you can then use the command startkali to start nethunter.

⚡ The default user is Kali and the default password is also kali.

If you are planning to know more about kali nethunter you can read more about it on the official page.

Additionally, If you want to start nethunter as a root user, then you can use the command startkali -r.

VNC Guide

To learn more about VNC, we have prepared a guide for you. Linux Graphical Environment on Termux

  1. Use to start a vnc session vnc start
  2. To stop a vnc session vnc stop
  3. To check the status (Display and port number) of vnc session vnc status
  4. If the user is kali then by default vnc start will start vncserver with DISPLAY=:2 & PORT=5902 and for the root user DISPLAY=:1 & PORT=5901

In Case Of an SSL error: certificate verification failed

Rerun script with an extra parameter --insecure or copy-paste this command ./kalinethunter --insecure

setup LXDE

The default desktop environment is XFCE4, but LXDE can also be installed. How to install kali Nethunter on android

Socialbox – A Brute force Attack Framework (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

What is socialbox?

SocialBox is a brute-force attack framework for Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, and Twitter. This tool was developed by Belahsan Ouerghi. Samsesh edited the piece of code.

Author of social box

  • Facebook: Imad
  • Gmail: Ha3MrX
  • Instagram: thelinuxchoice
  • Twitter: thelinuxchoice
  • SocialBox: samsesh
  • SocialBox-Termux : samsesh

How to contact the author?


Socialbox comes with powerful features, especially for social media attacks.

  • Brute force for Facebook account
  • for Gmail account
  • Instagram account
  • And brute force for the Twitter account

Socialbox Supported Linux distributions

You may also want to know which distributions are supported by socialbox. The good news is that it’s available on many platforms. This article is about socialbox on Termux.

How to install socialbox

Installing socialbox is simple, but before starting the installation, make sure you have good internet. Then copy and paste these commands one by one on your Termux terminal.

pkg update && upgrade

The next step is to get socialbox folder from GitHub, to be able of installing it.

git clone 

The last step is to install the tool using the command:

cd SocialBox-Termux
chmod +x

After you have done the installation to run the tool, you just type the command:


Tested On :

Termux on Android (tor connected if you use a VPN)

CamPhish – Grab Cam Shots From a Target’s Phone Front Camera

Hello everyone. Welcome to this post about CamPhish, a Termux tool for capturing screenshots from a target’s phone’s front camera.

Termux is the best app for fun for curious Android users, but if you are an advanced user, you can do many things with it. To learn more about Termux, sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on our best techniques, which we share every week:

What is CamPhish?

CamPhish is a termux tool that uses a technique to take cam shots of a target’s phone front camera or PC webcam.

How CamPhish works?

CamPhish hosts a fake website on an in-built PHP server and uses ngrok and serveo to generate a link that will be forwarded to the target, and it can be used all over the internet.

The website asks for camera permission and waits for the targeted device to allow the request. The tool then automatically captures screenshots of the target’s device if the target allows it.


Here is a list of some of the features that Camphish offers. It contains two automatic webpage templates for the engaged target on the webpage to get more pictures of the camera.

  • Festival Wishing
  • Live on YouTube TV
  • Online Meeting [Beta]

Who can install this tool?

This tool was tested On some different Linux distributions, any Linux user can use this tool.

In this post, we’ll look at how to get and install CamPhish in Termux. Although the installation process is similar in any Linux distribution,

Installation requirements

When you want to install any tool in Termux, you have to first install some tools to avoid errors during the installation process. This tool requires PHP for the web server, SSH, or serveo link.

Before we can install any tool in Termux, we must first update and upgrade our Termux repository with the following command:

pkg update && upgrade

After that, we can then continue the installation of the requirements. As the tool requires the installation of PHP, openssh and wget. We are going to start by installing them by using the command:

pkg -y install php openssh wget

And then, the following step is to install git so that we can get CamPhish from GitHub. We can also use the command:

pkg install git

Now, after we have done installing all the requirements, we can then get CamPhish from GitHub using the command:

git clone

Once the cloning process is done, we can then move into the CamPhish folder using the command:

cd CamPhish

Then, the last process is to run CamPhish script using the command:


Well, done. We can now start using CamPhish without any problems.

If you got any error during the installation process, you can restart the process and if the error persists, you can leave us a comment to assist you. Thanks

Facebook ID Cloning new Termux Command in 2022

This article is about how to install the HaxordBd Termux tool for Facebook ID cloning. If you are a Termux user or want to start with Termux for hacking. I have to tell you that you are in a good place, and you won’t be disappointed.

Termux is the best app for fun for curious Android users, but you can do many things and exploits by using it. We always discuss Termux hacking tools like:

What is Facebook account cloning?

The cloning of Facebook accounts is a simple scam that is easy to be misled by. In these accounts, the scammer impersonates you, using your profile picture and other publicly available data to fool your friends into giving up their information.

It sounds like a harmless technique, but a cloned account can cause real damage. Your friends might be tricked into sending them money, collecting passwords, or tricking them into other scams.

If you want to know about what is Facebook cloning, I suggest you read this article about facebook-account-cloning

What is HaxordBd?

HaxordBd is a Termux tool developed by htr-tech – Tahmid Rayat in order to help Termux users with Facebook ID cloning. This is a fun and amazing tool. I hope you guys will love it.

Features :

  • [+] No Login Required!
  • [+] All Bangladeshi Operators are Available!
  • [+] 7,8,9,10,11 DIGITS are Available!
  • [+] Easy for Beginners!

Dependencies to install for Termux cloning tool

We all know that before installing any tool into Termux, we have first to install its dependencies, but you may find that you have already installed some.

  • Git
  • Python
  • Python2

Installation of dependencies

The installation of dependencies is quick and simple on termux. Just by using pkg, you can install any dependency. But before we start dependency installation, we have to first update and upgrade the termux repositories by using the command.

pkg update && upgrade

After that, we can then install Git. Why git? Because Git will help us to clone HaxordBd from GitHub by using the command.

pkg install git

Then, after the git installation is finished, we can now install python and python 2 because the tool itself was developed using the python language.

pkg install python && python2
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HaxordBd installation

The next step is to install and activate HaxordBd on our Termux. The process is simple. Just by using the command “git clone,” we will be able to get the tool onto our Termux.

git clone

Then, once the cloning process is finished, we will be able to run the tool. But first, we have to navigate into the Haxord folder by using the command:

cd haxorbd

We can then run the tool by using the command:


It will request the password and username, you have to use

  • USERNAME : haxor
  • PASSWORD : htrtech

Tips: The Cracked IDs are saved in ‘hacked’ directory


We, or the developer of this tool, are not responsible for the misuse of this tool!! Use it at your own risk.

How to spam your friend using Beast_bomber

Welcome to this article that is about Beast_bomber a spam termux tool. Well if you are here reading this article it’s because you heard about spamming. And I’m sure this is your chance to know about it.

In our last article, we discussed how to use shark for social media hacking on termux, you may have a look if interested. Before we continue with our today article. What I have seen is that most termux users especially beginners make mistakes when starting with termux.

They ignore some crucial steps when starting with termux and that brings them to fail in their learning process. But for that, as I know their problem I prepared some good termux starting posts to help them.

Well, as you can see I chose some beginning posts to help you, but if you still need more you can continue your research.

What are spam and spamming?

a. spam

Anyone who’s spent more than a handful of seconds on the internet has encountered spam. It’s seemingly an inseparable part of the internet experience, something we accept as normal

Spam is any kind of unwanted, unsolicited digital communication that gets sent out in bulk. Often spam is sent via email, but it can also be distributed via text messages, phone calls, or social media.

kinds of spam

  • Email spam
  • SEO spam
  • Social networking spam
  • Mobile spam
  • Messaging spam

Also, for those who would like to know more about spam here is a post to read more about spam What is Spam: The Essential Guide to Detecting and Preventing Spam.

b. Spamming

Spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems like e-mails and other digital delivery systems and broadcast media to send unwanted bulk messages indiscriminately.

What is the Beast_bomber?

Then, before we continue let us first discuss what is exactly the Beast_bomber. The Beast_bomber is a termux tool that helps the attacker to send anonymous spam SMS, call, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord and DoS attacker. Using Beast_bomber the attacker has more attack possibilities like:

  • SMS spamming(works better with proxy)
  • Email spamming
  • WhatsApp spamming
  • Discord spamming
  • Telegram spamming
  • And also, DoS attack

How to install Beast_bomber?

Now, for Email spamming to try this attack you must have support for “less secure apps” set to “turn on” on your Gmail. Here is the link to do so: Then the program will configure everything else on its own.

If the automatic setup fails, you can set it up manually. Along with BoMbEr comes a requirements.txt file. This file contains external dependencies. To install them, you need to type the command: pip install -r requirements.txt

Before trying the manual configuration we have to clone the Beast_bomber from GitHub by using the command:

git clone

The next step is to navigate into the Beast_bomber folder using the command: cd Beast_Bomber

Then, we can perform the manual configuration by using the command:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Now, we are ready to start the Beast_Bomber tool by using the command:


Notice: when installing this tool sometimes you can get an error saying that “ModuleNotFoundError”

To solve this kind of error you have only to install the missing module by using your termux terminal using the command:

pip install the name of the required library (example: pip install _ctypes)