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How to get and install Ipdrone on termux

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Ipdrone, a popular open-source tool, allows users to gather information about IP addresses, domains, and subdomains, while Termux provides a comprehensive and customizable Linux environment for Android devices.

In this article, we will explore the process of obtaining and installing Ipdrone on Termux, enabling users to leverage the capabilities of both tools and enhance their network surveillance and security assessment endeavours.

You may sometimes want to know the location of someone by using your Android phone. I have to say that Termux has good tools that can help you with that, like Ipdrone, and IPtracer.

What is Ipdrone?

Ipdrone is an awesome tool that allows you to perform IP surveys and mapping tasks. You can scan networks, discover devices, and gather information, all from the comfort of your digital cockpit.

It is a simple Python script, that can be used for IP lookup and to get information on a particular target IP. This tool works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

Supported devices

Before you strap on your pilot goggles, it’s important to make sure your device is compatible with Ipdrone. While the compatibility requirements are not as intense as a NASA space mission, it’s essential to have a relatively recent Android device and a version of Termux that supports the necessary tools.

Once you meet these requirements, you’ll be on your way to becoming an IP reconnaissance ace with Ipdrone and Termux.

Ipdrone was tested on Termux. That means any Termux user can get and install Ipdrone. This tool works on rooted and non-rooted devices, you don’t need to root your device to install it.

Ipdrone requirements

Ipdrone brings IP reconnaissance to a whole new level by harnessing the powers of drones. With its sleek interface and powerful functionalities, you can scan networks faster than a cheetah chasing its prey.

Discover the devices connected to a network, map out IP addresses, and collect valuable information that would make even James Bond proud.

Upgrade your hacking skills with Ipdrone and explore the world of network reconnaissance like never before.

To install tools on termux there are some requirements to get the tool.

  • Internet: to install Ipdrone you must have good internet to get the tool from GitHub
  • 400 MB storage: To get the tool, you must have at least 400 MB of storage space
  • Python: for other reasons, you must install Python to avoid errors during installation

Ipdrone features :

  • [+] Real live location!
  • [+] Updated maintenance!
  • [+] Ip lookup
  • [+] Easy for Beginners!

Installation process

Before we begin the installation, we must use the command to update and upgrade the termux packages.

pkg update && upgrade

After updating and upgrading, we can now install python and python2 by using the command:

pkg install python && python2 -y

To get the tool from GitHub, we have to install Git by using the command:

pkg install git - y

Also, we have to install lolcat using pip:

pip install lolcat

Next, we install requests, so that we can be able to install the Python packages used in the project.

pip install requests

Then, we can get the Ipdrone folder from GitHub by using the command:

git clone

This time we are going to navigate in the ipdrone holder by using the command:

cd ipdrone

Then you can run the script using the command:

python -v (your victim ip here)

For example:

python -v

Understanding Ipdrone configuration options

Now that you have the Ipdrone up and running, let’s delve into the realm of configuration. Understanding the configuration options will help you unleash the true power of Ipdrone. Here are a few essential settings to take note of:

1. Target IP/Domain: This option allows you to specify the IP address or domain name of your target. Make sure to enter it correctly to ensure accurate results.
2. Port: Specify the port number that you want Ipdrone to scan. The default port is often 80, but can vary depending on your target.

Identifying and resolving installation problems

Installing software isn’t always smooth sailing, so let’s tackle some common issues you may encounter during the installation of Ipdrone on Termux:

Permission errors: If you encounter permission errors during the installation, make sure you are running Termux with the necessary permissions. Try using the `su` command to switch to superuser mode.
Also, missing dependencies: Double-check that you have installed all the required dependencies mentioned in the installation guide. If any are missing, install them using the package manager.


Now, go forth and embark on your Ipdrone adventures with confidence and curiosity, Happy scanning. In conclusion, by following the step-by-step guide and understanding the features and benefits of Ipdrone on Termux, you can unlock a powerful network exploration and penetration testing capability on your Android device.

With the ability to gather information about IP addresses, domains, and subdomains, you can enhance your network reconnaissance and security assessment efforts. Also, with Ipdrone on Termux, you have the potential to take your network exploration to new heights. Start exploring and securing your network today!

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