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Nexphisher best termux tool for phishing

Hello, reader welcome to this article named Nexphisher advanced phishing tool. You are about to discover Nexphisher a termux tool that will help you to perform phishing attacks.

You are on a good way to learn about termux hacking tools. we have discussed more than 10 tools of termux. Also, if you are a new termux user don’t worry we have some articles for you. In our previous article, we discussed how to install D-TECT on termux. Also, if you wish you can have a look at other termux tools.

Then, before we continue let first discuss what phishing means because I’m sure some of you don’t know it.

what is a phishing attack?

When you want a victim to install malware or divulge sensitive information, you can use a phishing attack, you pretend to be someone or something else to get a victim to take any action he normally wouldn’t. Since you rely on human curiosity and impulses, phishing attacks can be difficult to stop.

so in a phishing attack, an attacker sends to a victim an email that appears to be from someone he trusts, like his boss or a company he does business with. The email will seem legitimate, and it will have some urgency to it (e.g. fraudulent activity has been detected on your account).

In the email, there will be an attachment to open or a link to click. Upon opening the malicious attachment, you’ll thereby install the malware on the victim device. If he clicks the link, it may send him to a legitimate-looking website that asks him to log in to access an important file, except the website is actually a trap used to capture his credentials when he tries to log in.

What is Nexphisher?

Nexphisher is an advanced phishing tool that helps the user to create a fake website that looks like the trusted one in order to get the victim’s information.

Also, Nexphisher can work on Linux and also on termux, it requires only some Linux basics in order to install it.


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Nexphisher installation process

Now, before we install make sure you have termux. Also, if you don’t have termux you can download it from play store. Then, open your terminal and update and upgrade termux packages with the command:

apt update && upgrade

Then, in the following step, we have to install git in order to clone Nexphisher from Github. You can skip this step if you have git on your termux.

apt install git -y

After we have done the installation of git, we can now go on the following step that is to clone Nexphisher from Github.

git clone git://github.com/htr-tech/nexphisher.git

Now, as we have already clone Nexphisher from Github we are going to navigate in Nexphisher folded in order to install it.

cd nexphisher
Then, we can now install nexphisher with the command.
bash tmux_setup
bash nexphisher


This article is only for educational purposes. If you use this tool for other purposes except for education we will not be responsible in such cases.