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How to create a virtual credit card with Fyatu

An alternative for a physical credit card that may be used online is a virtual credit card. It is also referred to as a digital credit card or alternative payment mechanism and is growing more popular for online purchases. A virtual credit card is essentially a spending limit-set account number that may be used to make online purchases, typically from particular shops.

They come in particularly handy if you don’t have or don’t carry a physical credit card when you want to make an online purchase. Additionally, virtual cards provide an additional layer of security. when you buy something from a website that doesn’t require the secure HTTP protocol. In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to set up and use a Fyatu virtual card.

What is the purpose of a Fyatu virtual credit card?

The best option for making secure online payments without disclosing your credit card information is the Fyatu virtual card. They can be used to construct personal budgets, manage online subscriptions, and make purchases from online merchants. Learn more about the benefits of using the Fyatu virtual card while making online payments.

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How to make an electronic card for only 5 $

You must have an active Fyatu account in order to generate a virtual card using the service. Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a Fyatu account. You can read our comprehensive tutorial on setting up a Fyatu account to make payments online.

I’m presuming for the purposes of this essay that each of you already has an active Fyatu account. In order to access our accounts, we must open the Fyatu connection link.

After that, input and validate your identifiers. As seen in the following figure, we shall then find ourselves in front of our dashboard.

Create a Fyatu card.

When you get there, you have to make a deposit before you can make a virtual card. In contrast to conventional banks and other virtual card issuers, Fyatu offers its cards at extremely low prices (from 5 USD). In order to proceed, you must first deposit 10$.

😧Why make a deposit of 10$ when the card only costs $5? Naturally, the card is worth $5 to respond to this question, but you must first deposit $5 into the card.

You can therefore select the Virtual Cards option from the menu after finishing the deposit process. 💳

Then, proceed to make a card; as soon as you validate, you will be presented with the screen shown in the following image when creating a card.

As you can see, you must name your card and enter the $10 deposit and initial purchase amounts. But, this does not preclude putting down the appropriate sum for the initial deposit; however, for the purpose of creating the card, the sum cannot exceed $50.

😧What does it mean that the amount of money cannot surpass $50? Relax, only $50 will be deducted throughout the card creation process. However, as soon as the creative processes are complete. There is no cap on the amount you can deposit onto your card.