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Shark termux tool to hack social media accounts

Welcome readers to this article that is about the shark, a termux tool to hack social media accounts. if you are here I guess you are looking for the best tool for you to use to hack social media accounts. Let me give you hope that you are in the right place for any termux tool you can look for. Also in our previous articles, we discuss some termux tools like Zphisher, Fikrado, Adminhack and more

The problem is that most termux users seem to ignore some important information before digging deeper into hacking with termux. Articles that talk about termux package management, the difference between termux to Linux, Graphical management on termux. All these articles should be read by any termux user who wants to know more about termux. But the sad news is that they ignore them.

Also, imagine someone wants to use a phishing tool and yet he or she doesn’t even know what a phishing attack is. What I suggest is to start termux from the beginning before starting performing attacks. Also, you have to know the best hacking tools on termux. Anywhere without wasting time let me introduce you Shark tool.

What is Shark?

A shark is a termux tool that helps the user to generate a Phishing link in an advanced way. And also the good thing with this tool is that no one can detect the generated phishing link except some browsers.

So if you want to use this tool first you have to know what a phishing attack is. A phishing attack is an attack that the attacker performs by creating a fake page that looks like the official one in order to get victim information.

The attacker will use a social engineering attack to influence the victim to click on the phishing link. And you have to know that a phishing attack is a kind of social engineering attack.

Who can install Shark?

Well, to be able to get and install Shark you need to have termux installed on your device. Also for Linux users, they can also install it without a problem. the storage space is also required without forgetting the internet in order to get the tool as it’s on Github.

Also, when installing a shark, it will request your Ngrok token which means you have to get one. But it’s not a must to have it because you can use other servers.

Installation process on Linux

To install Shark on Linux the first thing to do is to update and upgrade your Linux then you can continue the installation. Only with this one command Shark will start the cloning and installation of some needed features.

sudo wget -qO- | sudo bash

Then, when the process starts, it will install all Shark features. Then, it will start the installation of Shark. and after that, it will ask you to insert your Ngrok token to continue. And after you finish inserting it and press Enter it will continue automatically.

But if you don’t have a Ngrok token you can just press enter to continue the next step. After all the process of installation, you will be ready to use Shark.

Shark disclaimer

The next thing to do is to press y so that we go on the next screen.

From here we can select any platform we want by using numbers as you can see on the screenshot. In this example, I will select Facebook.

As the screenshot shows we selected 1 that is Facebook then we have to select which phishing page we want to generate.

On this part let me add something. The shark has 3 servers that you can use to generate the phishing link. Ngrok, Cloudflare and localhost, we can choose the one we want to use.

Shark serves

Now as it is shown in the screenshot we have then to select the server we want we can try with Cloudflare because it is the new server added by the project owner.

Then, from here we have to provide the port number or use a default one.

Well done! then we click on N if we don’t want to modify the generated phishing link and now we have the phishing link that we can send to the victim and wait for the output.

Installation process on Termux

Now let us discuss how you can get and install Shark on termux. As you might know, we always start by updating and upgrading termux repositories before we continue. pkg update && upgrade.

after that, we are all ready to start the cloning process. The process to install shark on termux is the same as on Linux. But only on termux, we have to install wget using the command pkg install wget.

Notice: If you are using termux from the playstore you won’t be able to update and upgrade termux. I recommend you to uninstall it and get termux from f-droid

Then you can use the command:

wget -qO- | bash

All the processes are the same as on Linux just follow the step and everything will be done. The first step the installation of lib will start then after that the following step will follow.

Conclusion and disclaimer

This article is only for educational purposes we won’t be responsible for any misuse of this tool. Use it for your own risk. Hope this will help you to test your social media account security. You can rate this post to know which one is the best for you. Thanks

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