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How to make money using a smartphone

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earn money online using smartphone

Welcome to this article. I’m going to share with you my secret on how to make money using a smartphone. I know most of you are familiar with such titles.

Because there are many articles over the internet about earning. But the difference between those articles and this is that most of those articles are scams. And because of that, people believe that they can’t earn money using their smartphones.

The good news is that today I’m going to share with you the legit way to earn money using your smartphone. I have to say this if you are among those who believe they can get rich in one day.

Know that this article is not for you. Because there is no way to get rich in a single day, this article is only for those who really want to make money using a smartphone without investment.

Why do I share this technique to make money with you?

Well, I am sharing this technique with you because I also needed to make money online like you. And I did a lot of research about how to make money online.

But the techniques I was getting were about investing to make money, and yet I didn’t have the money for it. Thank God I got the first platform for small jobs, and even today I am still earning money from there.

If you are interested, you can also check the hacking way to earn money online step by step.

After I got that platform, I continued doing my research to see if I could get the best platform. And guess what? I got an android app that is helping me to make money online without even more effort. Seriously, with that app that we are going to discuss today, you are going also to make money while sleeping like me.

What? Is it possible to earn money without effort? Or is this article also a scam?

Let me tell you that I even asked myself those questions on the first day when I saw that app. But I got answers when I started using the app myself.

It seems to be a scam, but it is not. But one thing I can’t guarantee you is that I don’t really know how much you can make per day because it depends on you.

How to make money online by using your smartphone.

Without wasting time, let me introduce to you the app that I discovered during my research. Its name is Honeygain. We are going to discuss Honeygain. Maybe some of you have heard about it or not, but I’m sure you will be surprised.

What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is an app that allows companies to use your connection. Businesses can use your internet through Honeygain’s proxy network for various uses.

So, for every 10 MB of data you share, you’ll earn 1 credit. To get paid, you need to save 20,000 credits, which equates to $20. So, Honeygain pays you $1 per 10 GB of data used. The company also pays six credits per hour that content delivery is active.

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Why should you start today to make money with Honeygain?

Here, I’m going to discuss some reasons why you should start using Honeygain.

  • Easy way to earn passive income

If you are looking for an easy way to earn a passive income, Honeygain is a good choice. You can start earning with Honeygain, and use the money to pay for a streaming platform subscription, unlock exclusive content on free-to-play video games, or simply treat yourself to a little online shopping spree.

  • Earn without compromising security

Honeygain ensures that your internet traffic is only used by trusted partners, and the app never asks for or gains access to the storage of your device.

  • Estimate your earnings

Your earnings directly depend on the amount of traffic you share with Honeygain’s network. The more you share, the more you earn!

5 steps to start earning money with Honeygain

Let us discuss then the steps to follow to start earning with Honeygain.

  1. Set it up
make money online with honeygain

The first step is to get Honeygain, for that we have to know that Honeygain can be installed on any Windows, Linux, macOS, or Android device with a stable Internet connection.

We are going to download the app depending on our device. And 3 devices are also recommended. Now we can go to the next step. Here I assume that you have already downloaded and installed Honeygain, and we are ready to go.

  • Run Honeygain

After finishing the Honeygain installation, we can then run it to make money. Once active, Honeygain securely shares your Internet connection, never gaining access to your personal data. The bees will be gathering your data so that you can make money.

  • Get paid

When you reach $20 in earnings, you can request a payout. They work through Tipalti, a California-based payment company, but you can get your payout through PayPal. Also, with Jumptask, join with a Metamask wallet.

Instant payment proof.

What we have to do is to create a Metamask account. Then we connect Jumptask to our Metamask wallet using the secret key, and then it will receive the earnings automatically.

To connect it we have first to create a wallet on Metamask, then we will be able to get the secret key that will help us to connect.

Metamask wallet

As you can see, I have already created an account. And once I open the Jumptask it requests a connection to the Metamask wallet. Then, if everything passes well, it will connect.

And then from there, you will be able to see your earnings if you have placed your first withdrawal.

Honeygain referral program

When you sign up for Honeygain, you get a $5 bonus to your account that you can withdraw once you hit $20 in points. They estimate that it takes 48 days to reach $20.

When you refer people to Honeygain, you get 10% of what they earn.


Well, we have reached the end of today’s post. I hope this will be helpful for you. Remember, the choice is yours. You can decide whether to make money today or not.

But my wish is that you make money today, as I do. And if you have got a question or any suggestions or any other helpful information about making money online, let us know in the comment section down. Thanks

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